Business Growth Accelerator (Interns)

This internship is designed to help you develop skills in marketing and business development. There's no day-like-other in this role. Every day is a new journey which brings you to one single destination where you achieve your own goals personally & professionally. 

This internship only for fearless people who: 

  • Want to learn to sell anything, anywhere to anyone?
  • Want to learn all the aspect of Marketing & Business Development in a fast changing internet space 
  • Want to learn how major international start-ups scale up their business while bringing value to consumers and how tech companies around the world keep evolving their tech products/solutions 

Together with the Country Business Director, you will:

  • Identify & Execute Lead Acquisition Strategy
  • Follow up & Maintain relationship with prospect clients 
  • Learn to Lead Social Selling Campaigns
  • Participate & Organize Events

We are happy to welcome you on-board if you are:

  • Fearless
  • Dare to Dream
  • Eager to Learn
  • Love to Meet new people
  • Positive in any situation

Location: Central Area, Singapore

Duration: 3 months

Send your resume to: [email protected]
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