Research Engineer

You will:

  • Join RnD team to develop AI products
  • Propose solution given practical problems on Computer Vision, NLP, tabular data
  • Research state-of-the-art approaches in Computer Vision, NLP, read and summary research papers
  • Process, visualize, analyze data
  • Implement Machine Learning algorithms
  • Customize, build from scratch Deep Learning models

You need:

  • Conventional Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms: Linear/Logistic Regression, K-means, SVM, ANN, CNN,...
  • Maths knowledge: Calculus, Statistic and Probability, Linear Algebra
  • Skills on Computer Vision and/or Natural Language Processing
  • Skills on data analysis, visualization at intermediate level
  • Familiar with Jupyter Notebook
  • Python programming and some conventional liraries (numpy, scikit-learn, matplotlib/seaborn, opencv)
  • Familiar at least 1 Deep Learning framework (Pytorch / Tensorflow / Keras)
  • Progressive attitude, Innovative and creative mindset

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