Individuals and interactions over processes and tools in 4.0 era

It is now 4.0 era where machines and systems are interconnected and optimizing work processes. It is not hard to see that this revolution is integrating machines and the internet even deeper into human life.

Technology has enabled societies to live with instant and smart solutions. Under one condition: a smart device is needed. And in modern offices, devices and tools present everywhere.


Simon Sinek, in his internet-breaking video about how millennials are unsuccessful at work, discussed about the young generation is addicted to devices, spoiling their communicative skills, depression coping mechanism and patience for important things which must take time to build.

Yes, it is undeniable that people rely heavily on tools. But to Agile practitioners, whom praise the 4 pillars in Agile manifesto, one of which being “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”: is the statement being outdated and unrealistic?

No is certainly our answer, and it should not limit to only Agile followers but apply to every human being on earth. The power lies in human hands.

First, tools and processes cannot react to changes without humans, since humans create them. Whereas humans can adapt to changes and evolve autonomously.


If human trap themselves by becoming dependent on tools and trying to conform processes, the room for creativity and innovation is restricted.

The trap is impossible to exist in Agile because the core concept of this methodology is to incrementally upgrade the product while constantly learn and adjust. The system will collapse if one insists on being rigid with tools and processes.

In Agile, tools and processes free us from triviality and challenge our boundaries

As people can organize work smarter and faster with tools, there is less frustration with insignificant tasks. Communication is also more crystal clear since backlogs, notes and chat records are right there to retrieve. We have more resources to innovate and put own individualism into the works, hence we can constantly challenge our status quo.


Ultimately, work fulfillment of each individual is strengthened.

Agile brings individuals together and allows them to connect:

One of the fears with technology is that people are not interacting with each other physically anymore. In environments like Agile, anyone cannot just perform solely with devices and skip the interaction element and succeed. Teams are vital elements of all Agile frameworks.

Agile teams are usually kept in small size (3–9 members). That is also the size of Kyanon Scrum squads in all departments. A sense of community exists within each team member. On one hand, that sense is easy to build in small teams. On the other hand, it is our instinct to live as a united community, because collectivism is the Vietnamese culture.


There are meetings always (i.e daily standups, weekly meetings and retrospective). And thanks to the size being small, there is more room for each person to receive attention from the rest and everyone knows one another better compared to large teams.

As a results, rapports between members are strong and sustainable, which help them work together better.

Agile fuels more interactions, enabled by technology:

Besides meetings like standups, communications also happen throughout the days, both face-to-face and on tools.


And we admit it is not all work related. At Kyanon, we also crack jokes and plan activities together, all made possible by tools. One person can send a funny meme and colleagues from all departments can chuckle on it, which is often the case in family-like companies like Kyanon Digital.

And at the end of the day, everyone grows closer to each other, even virtual teammates, which is one of the core values Agile can bring.

Although there is a different workplace culture and a different style in processes and tools utilization in each company. However, in Agile environment where there is always a priority in humans and collaboration, people are never objectified or dominated by tools and processes.

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