What Agile taught us about client service?

Not every company has the same way of working. Thus, synchronization is always an important success element for any collaboration.

To Agile companies, when working with traditional clients, it is not about urging their clients to adopt this methodology, it is rather about using Agile to build a collaborative working scheme, allowing the clients transform themselves with their vendors. And we have found this approach bringing back positive sentiments from our clients and maintain our developers’ sanity.

Understand the problems of clients:

In order to facilitate a smooth collaboration, understand the problems that clients are facing will let us understand how to use the Agile methodology to solve those problems. If a working process is already flawless or the other process is not adding any new value, businesses would tend to be rigid on their own processes and refuse to make any adjustment.

For instance, some clients tend to share one common trait: they plan far ahead.

With such far-visioned planning strategy, when a need for change arises, the domino effect will cause more complication to adjust the plan. Besides, by the time a client finishes with a plan, it might have turned out to be unsuitable as the market and the business are changing non-stop.

With our mechanism to deal with changes (and turbulence) quickly and flexibly by short-termed and iterative planning strategy, Kyanon’s agility provides our clients with a more flexible and proactive process to work towards their business objectives with the unpredictable markets and unexpected consumer demands.

Build trust through feasible promises

Trust is the most important contributor to the success of any collaborative project.

Thanks to Agile methodology, we at Kyanon have a safe and effective way to win trust from our clients through the feasible promises we make.

A sample feasible promise is delivering a valuable piece of work within an short time (short iteration ~ 1–2 weeks). Thanks to the principle of continuous delivery of working outcome and working together throughout the project, both sides can have realistic overviews on the project and avoid making too optimistic promises that cannot be done. Furthermore, clients can already see the quality of the works shortly after the beginning.

The crucial “Fast”

Sometimes, clients might have a misconception about Agile, as they associate Agile with “fast delivery” with smaller budget whereas the “fast” actually means they are quick to react and adapt to changes.

Furthermore, the concept “fail fast, learn fast” is beneficial to both client and vendor as both sides gain valuable lessons every time something goes wrong.

Treat client business as our own:

In Agile, there is a principle of taking ownership of the projects and placing the client business as the core interest.

It means business have a devoting and understanding vendor who places themselves into the the business’s shoes. This principle is extremely helpful to young startups.

In addition, vendors have a better understanding on the clients’ businesses, which lets vendors produce outcomes with more functional values.

It is the lesson from our dedicated team for startup Hikami, a strategic tech partner sticking through thick and thin of the startup. We roll up our sleeves to do the hard works for the product Smart Bottle Opener wecheer.io, from investing our free time to test the products onsite, collecting bottle caps at late night to contributing our ideas to strategic planning for the young Hikami in its dawn.

However, such spirit would not exist if the team were not motivated and inspired to take on the mission. That is a principle appreciated in Agile:

Build projects around motivated individuals.

Overall, when working with any partner, it always boils down to a close cooperation with mutual respect and trust. From where Kyanon stands, each cooperation is not just about listening to and doing what clients request, but about working and transforming ourselves side by side.

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