As the Ecosystem and Partners Alliance Manager at Kyanon Digital, you will play a pivotal role in building and nurturing strategic relationships with universities, outsourcing companies, and software vendors. Your primary responsibility will be to bridge the gap between our organization’s need to collaborate with academic institutions and industry peers to drive growth and business development. You will work closely with various internal departments, including engineering, partnership management, and HR, to ensure successful partnership outcomes

You will:
1. Partnership Development:

– Identify and prioritize potential partners, including universities, outsourcing companies, and software vendors.
– Develop and execute a comprehensive partnership strategy aligned with the company’s growth objectives.

2. University Relations:

– Establish and maintain partnerships with universities for internship programs, research collaborations, and talent acquisition.
– Organize seminars, workshops, and networking events with academic institutions.

3. Outsourcing Company Collaboration:

– Identify and initiate partnerships with other outsourcing companies for subcontracting opportunities and joint project bidding.
– Foster collaborative relationships with outsourcing firms and co-organize industry-related events.

4. Technology Validation:

– Collaborate with the engineering department to evaluate the technical capabilities of potential subcontractors.
– Ensure the alignment of skills and expertise of interns and subcontractors with project requirements.

5. Software Vendor Relationships:

– Collaborate with the responsible party for software vendor partnerships to explore co-marketing and synergistic opportunities.
– Assess the compatibility of software solutions with our service offerings.

6. Strategic Planning and Reporting:

– Develop and maintain a partnership roadmap with clear KPIs to measure success.
– Regularly report progress and adjust strategies based on feedback and market trends.

7. Negotiation and Contract Management:

– Lead negotiations and contract discussions with partners to ensure mutually beneficial agreements.
– Oversee the preparation, execution, and management of partnership contracts.

8. Cross-functional Collaboration:

– Collaborate with internal teams, including sales, marketing, and legal, to align partnership initiatives with organizational objectives.
– Work closely with HR to manage internship and talent development programs.

9. Market Research and Trends:

– Stay informed about industry trends, emerging technologies, and outsourcing landscape changes.
– Evaluate the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for differentiation through partnerships.

10. Risk Management:

– Assess and mitigate potential risks associated with partnerships.
– Develop contingency plans to address unexpected challenges or changes in partnerships.

You need:

– Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, engineering, or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).
– Proven experience in partnership management, business development, or a related role.
– Strong negotiation and contract management skills.
– Excellent communication and relationship-building abilities.
– Analytical mindset with the ability to assess market trends and competitive landscape.
– Self-driven, results-oriented, and able to work in a collaborative team environment.