The reinvention and innovation that businesses are doing today connect more digital experiences using the latest tech tools. Cybersecurity should be right there at the epicentre, hence the theme of our 2024 survey. We have a C-suite playbook Global Digital Trust Insights by PwC for those who dare to break cyber-as-usual.

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  • Seven in 10 senior executives (69%) say their organisation will use generative AI (GenAI) for cyber defence in the next 12 months, according to the 2024 Global Digital Trust Insights survey.
  • Another surge in cyber threats may be coming because GenAI can help create advanced business email compromise at scale. CISOs and CIOs should pay attention to a prevailing sentiment: 52% expect GenAI to lead to catastrophic cyber attacks in the next 12 months.
  • Companies need to establish sound AI governance and get ahead of risks that could come from exploration with GenAI. Sixty-three percent of senior execs feel personally comfortable using GenAI tools even without data governance policies in place.

Generative AI is opening frontiers that more than 3,800 C-level business and tech executives who responded to the 2024 Global Digital Trust Insights (DTI) Survey are exploring — in the business and for cyber defence.

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