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welcomes aspiring archers to join our ranks

Kyanon Digital is a Vietnam-based tech powerhouse providing world-class digital solutions with an agile approach. At Kyanon Digital, we are striving to leverage our expertise every day to create endless value for our clients, especially recommending the fittest and the most effective solutions. 


If you are a digital visionary, schemer, social guru, or tech wizard looking for a place to flourish and put your creative juices into work, Kyanon Digital is here for you. We always acknowledge and welcome talents with competitive wages, good benefits, flexible working models, and magnificent cultures here.


Please don’t hesitate to become a part of us – Future Archers by sending your updated resume that highlights your experiences via [email protected]. We will contact you soon.

our Culture

our people dNA is archers



We are fast, focused, dynamic and adaptive.


We build mutual trust with our clients, partners and teammates. We show our responsibility and professionalism no matter in which position.


We respect our clients, partners and teammates. We value teamwork and support each other to achieve common goals.

Highly innovative

We strive to seek the best solutions for any problems. Thinking out of the box is our choice.

Empowered learning

We foster continuous improvement and self-learning growth.


We have determination, belief and willingness to fight to the end no matter what failure and difficulties.


We fulfill our life with purpose and passion. We are becoming our best version
Introduce work environment

Team Activities

Town Hall Meetings

A hesitation-free space for all archers to discuss and share topics of interest. We encourage ideas, expressions and questions to be authentically responded between archers and leaders.

Global Internships

We promote archers’ growth globally through culture exchange experiences. We bring cross-cultural exchanges into our workplace with the tastes from Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, France, England, etc.


Archers are encouraged to share their experiences and knowledge through bi-weekly talks. Topics are unlimited. Open-minded attitudes are welcomed and appreciated.

Training & Coaching

Archers are allocated to Tribe and Chapter where there are regular trainings and coachings organized. Specific and cross-over skills are both considered to support comprehensive growth.

Industry Webinars

Archers are empowered to become professional industry masters with their major skills. We collaborated with reputable forums and organizations to bring thought-leadership knowledge to both archers and non-archers.


What do Archers Talk?

"From my perspective, I could feel vividly the open, passion from everyone’s insight while helping each other to build up a team in diverse projects. I could learn about changing the mindset of building a complete solution in different circumstances. Especially, I'm always supported the technical and spiritual faces by other leaders; this is an important factor which can not be ignored."

Tuan Van

Tuan Van - Back-end Engineer | Squad Lead

"I’ve known about Kyanon Digital accidentally via a hiring post on Facebook. At the time, I would love to start my experience in QC so quickly applied. At Kyanon Digital, I have been experiencing a lot, from projects to people here. I love my team so much because they always support me at their best, give me advice, and create more chances for me to express myself."

Thu Nguyen

Thu Nguyen - Quality Control | Junior

"The important thing to overcome the difficulty is facing the issue. After that, you need to be proactive in working with other partners to figure out the solutions, then be meticulous with your work and know-how to ask questions related to the work you are doing; then seeking the right support on a time-pressured project. Those are problem-solving skills, not just coding."

Trung Tran

Trung Tran - Front-end Engineer | Chapter Lead

"Compared to prior years, the company is growing fastly. I wish that in the near future, Kyanon Digital could become a global brand so that we could attract more talents from everywhere in the world to come to work with us. The “People and Culture” at Kyanon Digital is an advantage at taking care of employees' future self."

Tai Phan

Tai Phan - PHP Engineer | Senior

Why choose us

Why You’ll Love Working Here


A workplace with diversity and challenging missions.


A culture that enables great people to create great work.


Employee development programs: competencies-based assessment, promotion roadmap, mentorship, training, coaching, etc.


Grants for your learning and certificate examination.


Overseas travel opportunities for training and working related.


Annual performance appraisal and 13-month salary.


Annual health check.


Annual Company trips and Team building activities.


Care on our archers' special days: birthday, graduation, wedding, etc.


Public holiday celebration: Tet, X-mas, Mid-autumn festival, etc.


Fitness & sport clubs: football, badminton, swimming. archery, running, etc.


Working with fun: e-sport tournament, competitions, etc.


Full shelf of snacks, coffee, beers… They are all free including parking fee.

And more….

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