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Go digital with our on-demand, custom-built software and bring your business to the next level.

Business to Consumers (B2C)

We’ll strategize your multi-channel presence, select the ideal e-commerce platform, personalize customer experiences, and harness data-driven insights. Our team ensures seamless integration, mobile responsiveness, security compliance, and ongoing optimization.

Business to Business (B2B)

Our B2B Digital Commerce Solution is designed to guide your business through this transformational journey, helping you leverage the full potential of digital technologies to streamline operations, enhance long-term relationships with your business buyer, build trust and drive sustainable growth.

Direct to Consumers (D2C)

We empower brands to establish a direct connection with their consumers, enabling them to control the entire customer experience, gather valuable data insights, and potentially achieve higher profit margins compared to traditional retail models with commerce, community and engagement. 


Our Marketplace Solutions encompass end-to-end management, seamlessly facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers in the digital commerce realm. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, we are your one-stop resource to drive growth, extract valuable insights, and deliver mutual benefits to both buyers and sellers.

Composable Commerce

With Composable Commerce, we provide businesses with the freedom to design their own unique e-commerce ecosystems, enabling them to rapidly adapt to changing market demands, deliver personalized experiences, and drive business growth.

Digital Transfomation
Omni-channel Data & Growth

Experience growth through data-driven insights, strategic planning, and marketing technology. Unify online, offline, and digital touchpoints for a seamless, immersive customer journey that drives loyalty and accelerates your omni-channel success.

Our Commitment

Navigating Tomorrow's Commerce, Guiding Your Next Strategic Move

Kyanon Digital is a Vietnam-based tech powerhouse, providing world-class digital solutions using Agile processes. At Kyanon Digital, we create endless value for our clients by leveraging our expertise and recommending the most suitable solutions.

Our global teams ensure continuous support around the clock!

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Why Choose Us?

Embrace Commerce Excellence and Elevate Your Brand with Our Expertise

Deep Domain Experts

Our experts not only understand the technological aspect but also have in-depth knowledge about your particular industry.

Verified Partners

We have a wide network of verified partners that offer the best-suited solutions to address the needs of your business.

Enterprise Architect & Integration

Extensive experience in designing and implementing scalable, cohesive solutions that unify your organization's systems and processes

User-Centric Solutions

Our mission is to craft a flawless user experience through the artful fusion of data science, industry best practices, and the essence of your brand promise

Leading-edge Technology

We provide consultation and implement advanced and state-of-the-art technology trends to ensure your business remains competitive, relevant, and steps ahead of your competitors

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"Although the results are confidential, Kyanon Digital has established clear milestones and discussed the extra work thoroughly. The team has also ensured smooth communication through adequate communication tools. Their enthusiasm and encouragement are notable in the partnership."

Hong-Quan Duong-Helko

Business Coordinator | Aptus Technology

"Kyanon Digital has helped the client improve and maintain their system operations. With their support, the client can focus on developing products and taking care of their customers. They've been communicating through email, phone, and Microsoft Teams, and the team has been responsive."

Van Tran

Operator of Digital Banking | ACB Bank

"Kyanon Digital has built and delivered the app, and the client is satisfied with the number of active users, user engagement, and app usage frequency. The team also provides ongoing maintenance and support; they fix bugs, build improvements and updates, and ensure high app security."

Soo Keng Ho

Project Manager | CloudMile

"The website improved its performance after Kyanon Digital took over. The team had excellent developers who completed the deliverables on time. Customers can get their money's worth with the Kyanon Digital team."

Trang Truong

Digital Integration Manager | Accenture

Client Satisfaction

What is being said about our company?

We are extremely proud of the quality of the services we provide for our clients. Our top priority is client satisfaction, and here are reviews from our eminent satisfied clients.

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