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"The More We Share, The More We Have"

By participating in ArchersTalk as speakers or contributors, you will have the opportunity to expand your skill set, get valuable insights, and strengthen your personal branding. Furthermore, these activities will help in the development of Kyanon Digital’s brand, our Thought Leadership in the IT industry, and the recruitment of new talent. Finally, speakers will be compensated for their sharing in public webinars or events aimed at both internal and external audiences. 


The ArchersTalk Series include 6 Types Of Activities: 

Internal webinars/Traning

Our Archers will share their knowledge/tips about technology and soft skills relevant to the field for internal audience.


In case you can’t attend the webinars/events, you can read the recap as blogs and white papers posted on our website.

Mobile Dev

ArchersTalk also include video tutorials where our speakers will demonstrate specific instructions. The tutorial will be posted on our website and official social media platforms.

Case Study Interview

Audience will have the chance to hear Archers’ sharing of Kyanon Digital case studies.

Public workshops/Webinars

Workshops and webinars open for both internal and external audiences. Everybody with the interest is welcomed to join.


Competitions for internal participants with attractive prizes. Be sure to check our website and social media regularly for more information.

What is ArchersTalk?

Empowering Great People To Create Great Values

ArchersTalk is a series of knowledge sharing events from members at Kyanon Digital (Archers) and also one of our 7 core values (Empowered Learning). Thanks to those sharing, not only other Archers but the external developers will also have the chance to get more useful knowledge and tips for better performance at work.

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Upcoming events

You can find more information about upcoming ArchersTalk activities here.

Why You Should Join ArchersTalk

what you'll get when being contributors of archersTalk

You will be supported as much as possible to organize the ArchersTalk events at your best and spread your sharing to more and more audiences.

media support

Marketing team will prepare the visual aids including banners and contents as well as help to spread the news.

Developing your Personal Brand

Through your sharing session, you will get noticed more and help everyone systematize valuable references.

Getting advice from experts

Before the sharing takes place, you will get advice about the topic and content from experts in the company to make sure it's credible.

Video shooting Support

Marketing team will prepare all the equipments for your video shooting, such as camera, lighting, micro... and edit the final version.

offline events support

Marketing team will help speakers to set up the location, event decoration, recording,... when the offline workshop/webinar take place.

playing a part in company branding

Your contribution will help in the development of Kyanon Digital's brand, our Thought Leadership in the IT industry and the recruitment of new talents.

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ArchersTalk Blogs

In case you missed the live events, you can explore them in the blogs here.

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"This is the first time I've joined a knowledge sharing with a large number of audiences. Despite the lack of my experience in presenting, I am glad that everyone still gives me good responses. With high learning attitude, I can fill the hole of my knowledge, get more experience and feel more passinated in my career."

Nhat Nguyen

Software Engineer, NoPyGo Chapter

"Being a speaker at ArchersTalk reminds me when I was a lecturer in the past. Sharing knowledge with people around is a joy to me and it helps me revise my knowledge either. I would love to share new knowledge with everyone whenever I can."

Tuan Tran

Front-end Developer, Hermes Squad

"I think ArchersTalk is a good place to share knowledge as well as posed as the learning platform for everyone to gain more experience. I have learned a lot from the previous ArchersTalk sessions, so I hope that this event will attract more and more Archers to engage and participate."

Vy Nguyen

Front-end Developer, Artemis Squad

"This is my first knowledge sharing as a speaker. I feel shy at first, but when I join the sharing session with the seniors and coworkers in the company, everyone is so friendly that I feel mentally stable and begin my sharing easily. Eventhough sometimes I am still shy a little, I understand they are important experience for my career path development in the future."

Nghia Nguyen

Drupal Engineer, Drupal Chapter

Speakers Testimonials

What they say about ArchersTalk

We are extremely proud of the sharing spirit of our Archers. Let’s continue to spread more useful knowledge and contribute to the IT community.

sharing is having more

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”