You and your development team have instituted an Agile way of working. You’ve implemented daily standups. You’re all creating exceptional user stories. There’s more focus than ever on solving business problems and delivering outcomes.

According to the annual “State of Agile” survey from CollabNet VersionOne, 74% of those who use the Agile development methodology claim that they are still maturing or experimenting.

It’s time to start delivering outcomes with Agile and Mendix.

Download whitepaper “Accelerate Agile Development with Mendix” and you’ll:

  • Learn how to accelerate your Agile practices with the capabilities of Mendix low-code platform
  • See the different Mendix capabilities that support you through the entire application lifecycle process
  • Understand how the Agile and Mendix philosophies fit hand-in-glove to ensure you’re always delivering business value.

Kyanon Digital is a solution partner with Mendix – a leading low-code development platform in the world. As a Mendix solution partner, Kyanon Digital works hard to ensure this partnership has the goal of accelerating digital transformation for our clients by providing excellent low-code solutions from Mendix. We’re also keen to dramatically boost the development of new apps, enhance the power of pre-built and customized low-code solutions, and expand the business ecosystem.

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