Welcome to the Digital Execution Manual With Mendix: STRUCTURE to explore how to build low-code app structure with DevOps, Security and Cloud Deployment.

At this stage of the process, you should already have a basic, core development team in place. You’ve likely started strong by building out an app or two that hit as close to the sweet spot between high value and low complexity as you could get, and you are ready to take on more complex projects. It’s time to take the foundation you’ve laid and expand the structure around it.

What are the structure stage goals?

  • At this stage, it’s important to focus on formalizing your processes as your team and portfolio evolve.
  • Ideally, by the end of the Structure stage, you’ll want to see your teams grow not only in size but into self-sufficient DevOps teams that are expanding your portfolio and achieving the ROI benchmarks you’ve laid out for your organization.
  • You will also need to ramp up oversight and speed while thinking about your data and integration strategy amongst other things.

Are you ready to structure?

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