Social commerce is formed when businesses use social networking platforms as tools to personalize leads and increase their shopping experience. In other words, it is a combination of Social Media and e-Commerce. Social Commerce is a Marketing & Sales system that employs the Digital Word-of-Mouth method. In this paper, you will learn:

Value of social commercial network

  • Raise awareness about brands, products
  • Create demands with goods
  • Convert demand into purchase

Value of Employee Advocacy Platform

  • Apply Word-of-Mouth to social/digital environment to create positive impact sharp
  • Raise awareness about products
  • Help to identify leads and new customers
  • As an analytic system, help to evaluate the effectiveness in “brand protection” of employees, as well as a recognition & reward-based system through defined activities (like/share/comment/coupon amount redeemed)
  • Increase employee engagement and loyalty to the company


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