With systems like ChatGPT, Bard, and DALL-E, Artificial intelligence (AI) is experiencing an unprecedented rise in popularity, becoming the topic of conversation from the dining room to the board room. While undoubtedly rich in possibility, those in enterprise know that the power of AI in your organization is far more than just ChatGPT.

In fact, within B2B technology, AI has been increasingly infused into business applications for some time already and is yielding compelling benefits. AI can come with challenges, however, especially around development, implementation, and governance.

Read this white paper from Mendix to learn more about how to overcome these challenges and embrace a competitive future with smart apps.

Kyanon Digital is a solution partner with Mendix – a leading low-code development platform in the world. As a Mendix solution partner, Kyanon Digital works hard to ensure this partnership has the goal of accelerating digital transformation for our clients by providing excellent low-code solutions from Mendix. We’re also keen to dramatically boost the development of new apps, enhance the power of pre-built and customized low-code solutions, and expand the business ecosystem.

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