The Loyalty Trends 2024 report by Open Loyalty shows loyalty professionals’ key challenges, plans, and investments in the present and upcoming years. This edition is based on a survey and in-depth interviews with 105 high-profile loyalty program experts from various industries and locations.

The report answers some pertinent questions:

  • What goals and challenges are loyalty professionals tackling?
  • What are the most significant trends in loyalty marketing in the long and short term?
  • What are the most common areas for investments?
  • What are the predictions for the future of the loyalty programs?


Open Loyalty is a technology for loyalty. It’s 100% customizable loyalty platform with ready-to-use gamification and loyalty features, easy to set up and customize, ready to work on-line and off-line.

As an Open Loyalty’s partner, Kyanon Digital works hard to ensure this partnership’s goal is to manage and optimize the promotion programs for our clients by providing excellent loyalty solutions from Open Loyalty.

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