Software development industry has been changed a lot since the first outbreak in March 2020 to the present. The IT market as well as the recruitment demand for the information technology industry has gone through many stages, from difficulties to adaptation, then recovery and development rehabilitation. With serious awareness and preparation from the previous wave of digital transformation, accompanied by a positive & adaptable change from government policies, businesses’ initiative and relentlessly competitive market background, we are all at a good state of control and balance, with enough sanity to cope with survival and development. As evidenced by many major positive market & social-economic indexes, Vietnam still maintains a positive growth momentum despite the impacts of Covid-19.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Vietnam overview the “new normal” state
  • Developer profile & How things have changed in 2021?
  • IT Job market: salaries, demands, trends.
  • IT Recruitment State: candidate personas & 2021 trends

Source: Vietnam IT Market Report – Developers Recruitment State 2021″ published by TopDev (

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