See how 400 IT leaders are approaching cross-channel personalization in 2024, with research from Bloomreach, Orium & Talon.One in the “The Personalization Playbook: Strategies for IT Leaders”.

The Personalization Playbook covers:

  • How 400+ global retailers build their personalization strategies
  • The focus areas tech leaders are prioritizing heading into 2024
  • IT leaders’ plans to upgrade their infrastructure this year
  • How retailers are using AI to boost personalization efforts
  • Why digital agility is key to running personalization at scale

Kyanon Digital is delighted to be a Talon.One solution partner. By working together, Talon.One and Kyanon Digital provide companies with technologies to increase their customer engagement, conversion rates and growth by creating promotional marketing campaigns, engaging loyalty programs and unique digital experiences for customers / brands all around the world.

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