Each loyalty program has to be tailored to the brand, and the nature of the relationship that brand has with its customers. If it is planned to be a long-term success it has to be perceived as a strategic tool of the business, reflecting the brand’s core strengths.

From the report you will learn:
● How to build a loyalty strategy;
● What are the loyalty mechanics used by global companies;
● How well-known brands communicate loyalty programs to their customers.

In the report you will find inspirations from the top 100 loyalty programs from 14 industries, loyalty insights, interviews with loyalty managers and the best loyalty trends.


Open Loyalty is a technology for loyalty. It’s 100% customizable loyalty platform with ready-to-use gamification and loyalty features, easy to set up and customize, ready to work on-line and off-line.

As an Open Loyalty’s partner, Kyanon Digital works hard to ensure this partnership’s goal is to manage and optimize the promotion programs for our clients by providing excellent loyalty solutions from Open Loyalty.

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