An omnichannel strategy is a holistic approach to customer experience which provides retailers with the opportunity to blend in-store and online channels in order to create frictionless and memorable customer journeys.

Download this white paper, Talon.One’s Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Retail, to receive:

  • A comprehensive study of the omnichannel approach in the retail industry, covering a wide range of topics such as underlying theories, omnichannel vs. multichannel.
  • Crucial questions to ask when deciding to move to the omnichannel environment.
  • A 5-step retail omnichannel strategy.
  • Hyperpersonalization, omnichannel innovations in retail (BORIS, BOSS, self-checkout, etc.)
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Best omnichannel practices and many more.

Talon.One is an API-first Promotion Engine that helps companies deliver relevant, personalized, data-driven promotions. It gives marketers the freedom to create any type of promotion they want, without developers’ input, freeing up development resources that can be spent elsewhere.

Kyanon Digital is delighted to be a Talon.One solution partner. By working together, Talon.One and Kyanon Digital provide companies with technologies to increase their customer engagement, conversion rates and growth by creating promotional marketing campaigns, engaging loyalty programs and unique digital experiences for customers/brands all around the world.

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