We’re in search of a Senior Backend Engineer who will ensure the robustness, performance, and security of our software systems. This role involves both maintaining existing systems and spearheading the integration of innovative features.


How You Can Contribute

1. System Maintenance and Enhancement

    • Proactively detect and resolve software bugs to bolster system reliability;
    • Collaborate with quality assurance and product teams to streamline issue resolution;
    • Implement changes from minor tweaks to significant enhancements based on team or client requests;
    • Review project specifications to ensure understanding and alignment with business objectives;
    • Refine and optimize the existing codebase to enhance efficiency and maintainability;
    • Employ version control systems effectively to manage code alterations and foster team collaboration.

2. Performance Monitoring and Optimization:

    • Continuously monitor software performance metrics and identify areas for improvement;
    • Collaborate with infrastructure team to implement system enhancements that boost performance and scalability;
    • Ensure all software developments comply with relevant laws, regulations, and best practices regarding data security and privacy;
    • Implement robust security measures to protect systems and data against unauthorized access and threats;
    • Participate in continuous improvement initiatives to elevate software systems and development processes.

3. Testing Support & Technical Documentation:

    • Assist in developing and executing test cases as part of the development cycle;
    • Confirm that all modifications and new features undergo thorough testing before deployment;
    • Develop, maintain, and update essential technical documentation to ensure system clarity and future maintainability;
    • Promote knowledge sharing within the team through comprehensive and accessible documentation.

4. User Support and Training:

    • Provide technical support to teams and users, addressing technical issues to ensure system usability.
    • Prepare and conduct training sessions for users and new team members to enhance their system understanding.


What You Need To Maximize Your Contribution

  • Proficiency in .NET and using various C# frameworks to develop scalable and efficient applications;
  • Strong skills in database management and operations, specifically with SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, to handle data-driven applications effectively;
  • Experienced in using Version Control Systems, such as Git, to maintain code integrity and support collaborative development efforts; 
  • Possess effective communication skill; 
  • Proficiency in both spoken and written English;
  • Strong focus on understanding and prioritizing customer needs and user experience to deliver solutions that meet client expectations and enhance user satisfaction; 
  • Experience working with Front-end technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Typescript, and Scriban is a huge advantage.