5 Ways Companies Benefit From Digital Customer Experience

It can be said that digital customer experience places importance on redefining the interaction between companies and their customers. While it has made an outstanding contribution to the way many people approach their buying, there are still businesses which are yet exposed to the phenomenon and gain understanding of the multi-touchpoint sales funnels that customers expect at the present. There are many obvious advantages of paying attention to customers’ digital experience, and Kyanon Digital will summarize 5 Ways Companies Benefit From Digital Customer Experience that organizations can gain.5 Ways Companies Benefits From Digital Customer Experience2

1. Personalize customer experiences

The more relevant your offers are to each of your individual customers, the higher possibility they will take advantage of those offers. This is the reason why many companies now use customer data to provide personalized experiences. Furthermore, this ensures that your proposition can offer a much more bespoke solution to your customers, offering greater value-for-money and satisfaction. Analytics gained from the customer registration process and recorded buying and browsing habits make it possible to personalize the content or offers you target at the customer.

For instance, email adverts and content displayed on the customer’s personal login in your sales channels can be targeted to their preferences or potential interest. This can equally apply to your services and information sources as well as products, guiding users to useful features or helping them to solve problems that either the customer or the system flag up.

Certainly, the way you adopt this strategy for your site depends on your business model and goals. For example, you can also personalize experiences simply by engaging in contextual conversations. This way, the customer takes home a seamless experience without needless back and forth exchanges.5 Ways Companies Benefits From Digital Customer Experience3

2. Provide better methods of measuring customer feedback

Digital customer experience plays a vital role in gaining customer feedback. It is a contributing factor in feedback measurement, and the detail is much greater than was ever possible with traditional interaction methods. Digital channels make it realistic to collect qualitative feedback with quantitative data, such as click paths, amounts of visitors – to give a true story behind the numbers.

Equally digital channels make it much easier for an organization to monitor and investigate why a client may not be reaching their goal. Shopping cart abandonment was traditionally difficult to measure and the reasons behind it even more so. The digital customer experience addresses this completely, so it makes sense to invest resources in a sales funnel that is popular with clients and gives the organization the granular information it needs to react and match expectations.5 Ways Companies Benefits From Digital Customer Experience4

3. Offer omnichannel assistance

Digital transformation and customer experience go hand in hand with each other. So businesses that have set out on the omnichannel path should be aware of this. For the chosen strategy to work as expected, you need to have the right technology and processes in place.

  • Architure: Flexibility is the principal characteristic of any omnichannel architecture. In order to keep the digital customer experience smooth, architecture components must be easy to scale and integrate the required layers without disrupting the overall system’s performance.
  • Integration: Fundamentally, omnichannel calls for merging business-critical and customer-facing layers into one solution. These two layers are often united by APIs that allow multiple systems to communicate and share data with each other. It means that the API layer will serve as a link between channels and ensure a connected customer experience. Also, it is faster to build an API-based solution since APIs give immediate access to certain functionalities of the integrated systems.
  • Data management: Data is the core around which omnichannel digital customer experience trends revolve. As a data-driven business, you have to bring together information that is flowing within and between disparate systems and sync it somehow.5 Ways Companies Benefits From Digital Customer Experience5
4. Make information available online

One of biggest benefits of the shift toward digital is also one of the simplest: The ability to store information online using cloud-based technology. While businesses used to save data locally, advances in storage and security have made it common practice to use online methods.

For example, different teams are responsible for a certain set of data – marketing teams have campaign and conversion data, sales teams record in-depth customer data and pipeline information, and product teams have adoption data. Maintaining records online is foundational to breaking data silos.

In addition, with the saturation of digital customer channels on offer the expectations of consumers have radically evolved over the last few years. Because on-demand services and personalized interactions are so widespread, the market has an elevated expectation. This is particularly evident when it comes to customers being able to solve their own needs or problems. Successful online businesses will cater for this customer need by offering highly interactive documentation and troubleshooting solutions, allowing users to often resolve their own issues or requirements without the need for personal help from the customer service team.5 Ways Companies Benefits From Digital Customer Experience6

5. Embrace automation

Computer automated systems are available any time, these systems are less biased, and fast. Thus, these systems increase the customer’s overall digital experience.

  • Time efficiency: Waiting for a response can be time consuming for a customer. Automated responses engage and provide services faster than human advisors or customer care services. Since, in today’s age and time, customers expect service response within one hour irrespective of the time or date.
  • Mitigates prejudice: There are times customers may feel that human advisors act based on personal emotions. By embracing automation, this risk can be mitigated, since the communication cannot be biased and will always be professional.
  • Increases team productivity:  In order to increase efficiency, the time spent by team members on basic processes like follow-up emails and ticket prioritization should be automated as well for a better digital customer experience transformation process.5 Ways Companies Benefits From Digital Customer Experience7

Kyanon Digital hopes this article will help you gain knowledge as well as derive benefits of the digital customer experience to make improvements and stimulate the development of your businesses. If you have any questions related to this matter, do not hesitate to contact us for specific consultation.

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