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Nowadays, everything could be done on the tip of your fingers. Whether you have to book a cab, order food or do shopping, just a few slides and clicks on the mobile phone and it’s done right away. In comparison to the past, we have seen a booming increase in e-grocery shopping through on-demand grocery delivery mobile apps and delivery platforms. The people are just sitting at the comfort of their houses and ordering their household items at any time and receiving them at their preferred time; and all this happens without visiting the physical store, waiting in the long line while billing. Especially, during recent crisis situations when social distancing and staying home are required, online shoppers are increasing at a rapid rate that’s never been seen before. As a result business, as well as tech companies around the world, are taking interest in grocery delivery mobile application development. Therefore, you absolutely need to know about E-grocery app development.

Why is being online great for your grocery business?

Digital presence is a must for a grocery today. There are many reasons for this:

Customers are now going online to shop

Recent crises such as the coronavirus pandemic have made people largely depend on ‘buying online’. It is safer and more convenient. Additionally, they have more options and get delivery at the comfort of their home.

Marketing can be  easy

You can market and target your customers easily. Groceries actually just need to attract customers residing in the nearby area. Today digital marketing allows you to take advantage of precise location-based targeting.

Online Branding

In this modern-day competitive market, you need to be unique to be able to attract your customers. You need to have a specific way to interact and communicate with them effectively. No way better than using online technologies and tools to support your branding strategy.

How does a grocery mobile app work?

It is quite simple to understand the way how a grocery mobile app works. The app includes virtually all kinds of grocery items and offers the facility of choosing certain filters in order to make searching easier. After searching their items, the users can add to their cart, and continue to search for other items; and then when finishing their list, they can do the final checkout. In several of the apps, the users can fill out the preferred time of their order delivery. Here is the detailed flow:

    • User signed up by providing some required pieces of information
    • After signing up, log in with an Email address or phone number and Password
    • Search the item that the user wants to find
    • Choose the item and Add to Cart
    • Provide address details where to deliver
    • Order confirmation and then choose the payment method
    • The order request is sent to Admin
    • The request is transferred  to the grocery store manager
    • Store manager either accepting or declining the request
    • Admin sends notification back to the customer
    • Store manager generates the order
    • Update Admin that status of the order
    • Order successfully delivers to the customer
    • Updates the Admin as well as the customer
Some types of grocery mobile apps that you should know

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Before getting into detail about grocery app development, it is important to decide what exactly you are about to build because the online grocery delivery mobile app market is highly competitive, and there are a lot of players in this market. Well, let’s review what options developers have:

1. Apps of grocery chain stores

Walmart is one of the biggest representatives of such grocery businesses. You can either download the Walmart Grocery app or visit the website. There are virtually all ranges of items that you can find on the app. Walmart also provides the pickup location option in addition to the delivery. It’s quite convenient, isn’t it?

2. Aggregating apps

Mentioned services give users generated lists of groceries in the area on the app. Customers will choose any store from that list. They only have to select the products they want to buy from the range of selection via a specific mobile application of that grocery. After filling out the payment method, customers only have to wait till the store’s confirmation of their orders.

After receiving the corresponding notification, a grocery shopping application lets the user follow up on the progress of their orders till they get it at the specified address. People shall keep in mind that all responsibility rests with a particular grocery since grocery mobile applications only present stores and relevant data on their pages.

3. Marketplace apps

This type of app might belong to a supermarket owner who operates a commercial center. Besides that, the owner also has a network of conveyance sources to deliver groceries to customers through a retail mobility arrangement. In the case of this type of app, it is important to know whether customer needs for a particular grocery can be fulfilled within the requested time.

4. Specific facility grocery delivering app

When you own a specific facility, one day you will see the importance of developing an application for your own business. In such a case, you definitely have to manage many stages of mobile shopping,  ensuring your app’s smooth and correct operation, updating your online menus, dealing with in-app and in-store purchases, etc. In part II of this topic, we’ll talk more about what features would be must-have to develop an app for groceries to help you deal with those tasks effectively.

Requirement development team

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In order to get started to have an E-grocery app developed, you will need to have a general idea of the development team who requires highly experienced skills to help to turn your idea into reality. The essential team members should be:

Project Manager

The project manager analyzes the requirement, passes the information to developers in technical language, and manages the project.

Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers would be responsible for the core development of your app. They have expertise in the underlying technologies and languages of mobile technologies.

Front-End Developers

These developers are responsible for the attracting user interface and design of the app.

Back-End Developers

These developers are accountable for the plugins development, database management, APIs, and other backend features.

QA Expert

A quality analysis expert checks the complete app, makes sure all the required features & functionalities are working, along with the design of the app.

How much does a grocery mobile app cost?

Obviously, the cost of developing grocery mobile applications also matters a lot. However, there are numerous factors on which development cost depends. In order to make it in detail and clear, you might need to have a name of the company in mind to contact and work it out. Therefore, it is crucial to select a proficient mobile app development company.

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