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1. Node.js Development Company

Since its initial release in 2009, Node.js, the JavaScript runtime environment, has grown in popularity, and it appears that this trend will continue; thanks to Node.js, many Web developers can write JavaScript code without using the browser and create server-side web apps that are lightweight, safe, and robust.
Many well-known companies, such as PayPal and Yahoo, have embraced Node.js for years due to the vast array of benefits it provides. But is it possible for young enterprises to benefit from the advantages of Node.js as well? The short answer is “yes,” however our blog will tell you more about the advantages of Node.js for startups.
So let’s take a look at the reasons why Node.js came to the attention of the startup community and made it one of the most popular technologies of recent times.

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2. Node.js’ Main Advantages
2.1. It’s simple

Node.js applications require fewer files and code when compared to apps created in other languages for the front-end and back-end. You can even reuse and share code between your program’s front-end and back-end components to save time during development. Everything is contained within a single location: one code base and one deployment.
These significant benefits are particularly useful during the early stages of your startup product development, as you can have a team of full-stack developers on both sides and save money on man-hours.

2.2. Reduced time-to-market

For entrepreneurs, time is money. During the first months, they must labor tirelessly to iterate quickly, test, deploy, and deliver as quickly as possible, all while working with shoestring budgets and small teams. Node.js is especially useful for shortening the time-to-market cycle.
The technology is lightweight, which means it can drastically cut application development time while maintaining the same functionality. You can get from ideas and visions to product in no time with Node.js. Quick deployments allow you to receive instant feedback from the production environment.

2.3. Scalability

Node.js is built with scalability in mind. For startups aiming to scale over time, it’s one of Node’s most crucial features.
Load balancing and the capacity to manage a large number of concurrent connections enable Node’s scalability. Furthermore, Node’s programs may be scaled both vertically and horizontally.
Microservices are well-suited to Node.js, which is especially beneficial for applications that will scale and grow in the future. It’s also possible to create a separate microservice for each feature and scale it separately from the rest of the system.

2.4. Adaptability to change

Node.js appears to be the most logical choice for entrepreneurs, and more and more businesses are experimenting with it.
Before you go on your successful adventure with Node.js, read the following list of the best features of Node.js:

  • Performance that is efficient.
  • Process of development is more straightforward.
  • Ability to handle numerous requests using reusable code.
  • Code execution as soon as possible.
  • Event-driven and asynchronous.
  • Leading corporations have backed it up.
  • Prototyping capabilities that are second to none.

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3. Featured Node.js services we provide

Node.js is ideal for creating apps that require a lot of client-side rendering, several concurrent requests, and frequent data shuffles between client and server.

When it comes to creating data-driven and heavy-weight I/O apps, Node.js should be at the top of your list.

Here at Kyanon Digital, we provide these services using JavaScript runtime environment – Node.js:

  • Web development.
  • IoT (Internet of Things).
  • Real-Time Chats.
  • Complex Single-Page Applications.
  • Real-Time Collaboration Tools
  • Streaming apps
  • Microservices Architecture

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4. Why you should consider Node.js

Node.js is a relatively young programming language, although it is far from being a novelty. For good reason, Fortune 500 organizations prefer Node.js to alternative frameworks.

However, don’t be bothered about Node.js’ relative novelty. The number of organizations utilizing Node.js for their products has exploded in recent years, with industry behemoths like PayPal, Netflix, and eBay jumping on board. Node.js is unquestionably a robust and well-tested tool that will not be neglected or abandoned anytime soon.

According to Stack Overflow’s 2020  Developer Survey, these businesses may have varied reasons for employing Node.js, but they’ve all come to the same conclusion: it’s worth it.

  • LinkedIn
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Trello 
  • PayPal
  • NASA
  • eBay
  • Medium
  • Groupon
  • Walmart

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Some of the companies you’ve met here can at least agree on a few compliments for the   Node.js framework. First and foremost, Node.js is extraordinarily quick, as seen by its reputation for accelerating web pages. Node.js may also be used for UI development, and many of the organizations that employ it do so on a regular basis.

Last but not least, Node.js has a lot of features. It’s crucial to realize that these

organizations who employ Node.js and its features don’t merely whip up top-notch apps with a few clicks of their fingers. Senior software developers manage their software settings, and if you want to attract half the attention that they have, you’ll need professional developers as well.

5. Why choose us

Kyanon Digital is a Vietnam-based tech powerhouse, providing world-class digital solutions using agile processes. At Kyanon Digital, we create endless value for our clients by leveraging our expertise and recommending the most suitable solutions.

We’re quality driven with meticulous planning and methodologies leave no stone unturned to assure quality products. Our experienced team and agile approaches have built award winning websites for clients all over the world. So if you need to outsource firms specialized in Node.js, we are here for you. Contact us right now for Node.js consulting.


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