Ho Chi Minh, 26 July, 2023 – Kyanon Digital, a Vietnam-based tech powerhouse providing world class solutions in digital transformation and Agile engineering is excited to announce its collaboration with Manh Phuong Electricity (MPE), a reputable manufacturer specializing in electrical equipment and LED lighting in Vietnam on their digital transformation journey.

In the fast-paced race of businesses embracing digital transformation, MPE Company is taking significant steps to redefine its image in the eyes of consumers and emerge not only as a trustworthy pioneer in electrical equipment and LED lighting but also as a trendsetter in the rapidly evolving market.

Recognizing the ever-changing landscape of the market and the need for a digital makeover, MPE has partnered with Kyanon Digital to bring forth a new era of innovation. Kyanon Digital is renowned for providing world-class technology solutions, making it an ideal ally for MPE in their digital transformation journey.

As part of this collaboration, Kyanon Digital and MPE’s ‘s team of experts have worked closely together to revamp MPE’s digital presence through the development of a cutting-edge, modern, and trendsetting website. This newly transformed website is designed to showcase MPE’s extensive range of electrical equipment and LED lighting products in a user-friendly and visually appealing manner, creating an enhanced online experience for customers.

Speaking about the collaboration, a representative from MPE expressed, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Kyanon Digital in this transformational journey. With our shared vision for the future, we believe this strategic partnership will revolutionize the way MPE connects with our customers and amplifies our brand presence in the competitive Vietnamese market.”

Kyanon Digital’s team also shared their enthusiasm for this partnership. “At Kyanon Digital, we are passionate about driving digital innovation and helping businesses succeed in their transformation endeavors. Collaborating with MPE is an exciting opportunity for us to contribute to the growth of a prominent player in the electrical equipment and lighting industry, who is also the leader in the lighting industry in Vietnam. Together, we will create a powerful online presence for MPE that resonates with their customers,” said Mr. Tai Huynh, Founder, CEO/CTO at Kyanon Digital.

The collaboration between MPE Company and Kyanon Digital is a testament to the commitment of both companies in embracing digital transformation to adapt to the dynamic market landscape and enhance customer experience.

About Kyanon Digital

Kyanon Digital is a leading digital transformation consulting firm based in Vietnam, renowned for delivering top-notch technology solutions that are on par with international standards. With a team of experts versed in digital innovation, Kyanon Digital empowers businesses to stay ahead in the digital age.

About MPE Company

MPE Company is a highly regarded manufacturer specialized in electrical equipment and LED lighting products, adhering to European standards. With an unwavering focus on quality and innovation, MPE has gained recognition as a trusted brand in the Vietnamese market.


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