“Kyanon Digital Is A Vietnam-based Tech Powerhouse For Client Businesses’ Digital Transformation”, Says CEO Tai Huynh: GoodFirms

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Kyanon Digital is a Vietnam-based tech powerhouse, providing world-class digital solutions using agile processes. Talented professionals at Kyanon Digital always try their best to create endless value for clients, leverage their expertise and recommend the most suitable solutions in Digital Consulting, Digital Innovation and Digital Venture. For the last nine years, the company has been working with more than 180 experts and over 100 clients said that they are satisfied with their work.

Working relentlessly on the clients’ business goals with the right strategies at work is the key for Kyanon Digital to upgrade the client businesses successfully. Acknowledging the impressive growth and success of Kyanon Digital, the GoodFirms team held an interview with the CTO & CEO of Kyanon Digital, Mr. Tai Huynh, inviting him to share more about their services in detail and his role in the company as well.

In the interview, he said that the reason for starting Kyanon Digital was from the founding members’ view. As former university lecturers and having gained profound knowledge and experience in this industry, they saw the potential of the tech talent in the young in Vietnam. That’s why Kyanon Digital was founded, to help them create more value and expand Vietnamese footprints in the technology industry all over the world.

Moving further with the interview, Tai explained that Kyanon Digital’s business model focused on these target audiences:

  • Businesses need digital transformation in Vietnam and Singapore.
  • Domestic and Foreign companies need digital solutions and software.
  • Tech Start-ups.
  • IT Community in Viet Nam.

Constantly following the company core values, Kyanon Digital has always succeeded in delivering focused and comprehensive services to accelerate client’s digital transformation.

According to Tai’s sharing, there are a lot of unique points that make Kyanon Digital differentiated from the competition. Compared to others in Vietnam, Kyanon Digital not only concentrates on supplying the consulting services and software outsourcing, but also determines to build a Vietnamese skillful engineer team that can work globally.

Compared to famous countries for outsourcing in Asia such as India and China, Kyanon Digital can be seemingly seen as a representative of engineers’ spirit and capacity in Vietnam as well as one of the most attractive destinations in Asia.

The mobile app development services by Kyanon Digital are exceptionally unique which can enhance the clients’ businesses and assist them in targeting the right audiences. The fact that Kyanon Digital has helped various industries shine bright in the competitive landscape with their efforts and professionalism makes them rank amongst the top mobile app development companies in Vietnam at GoodFirms.

Moreover, the experts at Kyanon Digital deliver innovative solutions by comprehending the running trends and clients’ business goals. They offer services to a variety of industries such as Retails, Manufacturing, Banking, Finance and Insurance. Apart from delivering services, Kyanon Digital also values customer feedback and maintains a transparent relationship with them well. Thanks to the client’s feedback, it can be said that they not only consider Kyanon Digital as a technology vendor, but also a technology partner in a long-term relationship.

Furthermore, for accelerating clients’ business growth through specialized services, Kyanon Digital has acquired a rank amongst the top web design companies in Singapore at GoodFirms.

This above is just the brief interview of Goodfirms with Kyanon Digital. Read the full detailed version here.

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