Loyalty management software development company in Vietnam

Having dedicated loyalty management software is a proven method to improve customer loyalty and retention. Almost every brand has its own brand loyalty program, further, it is also part of a larger loyalty program. Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Disney, IKEA are lauded globally for their loyalty programs. Payback or inter miles or candy bars are a few great examples of multi-brand loyalty programs done right. No matter what method you choose or both, it is recommended to build it on a platform with a strong IT foundation that makes sure it never disappoints your customers or never damages your brand reputation.

If you are looking for a loyalty management software development company in Vietnam, there are plenty of options. Let us look at a few of them.

1. Kyanon Digital

Kyanon Digital is a Vietnam-based tech powerhouse that delivers high-performing, world-class tech solutions. Kyanon Digital has an experienced team especially that can build cross-functional software that merges data seamlessly over multiple existing CRMs and offers a combined view with a beautiful User Experience (UX).

The team at Kyanon Digital has built multiple such platforms that include Android and iOS apps, websites, and other applications. Kyanon Digital developed a customized loyalty management application for a global coffee chain in Singapore! It was on par with its global counterpart both in terms of User experience, seamless customer experiences, and back-end integration.

One other such complex platform was developed for a leading Singapore-based multinational retail organization that has garnered a lot of appreciation from all the stakeholders especially from the end customers. It goes to show that Kyanon Digital is trusted by global brands to keep their loyal customers happy!

Kyanon Digital prides itself on the ability to build resilient loyalty and engagement management solutions that offer real-time sync and view. Loyalty programs are very close to a customer’s heart because only a loyal customer benefits from them and any dissonance caused in this platform will reflect very badly on the brand itself. No one understands this better than Kyanon Digital. They pride themselves to have an almost 100% strike rate when it comes to customer loyalty and their customer reference ratio is also the highest in the industry.

Having such a brand as your software development partner will not only reduce the chances of bad experiences and enhance the customer experience (CX) but also add a lot of value to your brand as well.

With this experience of building such robust and applauded loyalty management software, they offer ready-to-customize solutions for almost any brand. No matter how complex or diverse your CRM is, Kyanon Digital can optimize the Loyalty management application to your CRM system and churn out a solution in a matter of a couple of weeks. All thanks to their agile team with decades of hands-on experience. Kyanon Digital has offices in Vietnam and Singapore and serves global clients from North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Loyalty Management Software Development Company In Vietnam 1

Kyanon Digital built a loyalty and engagement application for a global coffee chain in Singapore

The customer service team is renowned in the industry for being responsive, emphatic, and action-oriented. Hence, any brand that doesn’t have a dedicated tech team or is new to digital transformation is in safe hands with them around.

A few accolades that Kyanon Digital received include:

– Listed among the TOP 10 ICT Companies of the year 2022 in Vietnam.

– Recognized by the industry as a Digital transformation & Innovation company.

– Grew as a Human-centric organization with 180+ champion Archers like developers.

Kyanon Digital delivers solutions that matter and is aimed to make a fundamental shift in the way businesses conduct their day-to-day operations. For Kyanon Digital, going digital isn’t just about convenience or fad, but it is a way of life. Their software offers a 360-degree solution to the way business is conducted. The seamless CX is a great way to build brand loyalty and improve customer retention. Many digital-first brands have relied on Kyanon Digital to bring their idea to a reality and traditional brands have trusted Kyanon Digital to offer digital solutions that resonate with their brand image.

2. CNVLoyalty

CNVLoyalty is another trusted software developer in Vietnam that is dedicated to building loyalty management software. They have solutions for developing custom loyalty software as well as off-the-shelf social and order loyalty platforms. They provide a wide range of software services to create an ecosystem of loyalty for your customers. They offer development services for competitive pricing.

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3. Haraloyalty

Haraloyalty is an HCM city-based software outsourcing company. It has a loyalty program platform that aims to increase customer loyalty and has the intelligence to understand customer needs to encourage loyal buying behavior.

Haraloyalty also has a social marketing solution that can be used to convert subscribers to customers by increasing relevant interactions and engagement. Established in April 2014, Haravan is becoming a leading technology company in Vietnam in the field of providing retail solutions, E-commerce and Engagement Marketing.

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4. FPT Digital

FPT digital is the loyalty software arm of the FPT corporation which is a leading technology and IT services provider headquartered in Vietnam. FPT delivers world-class services in the Smart factory, Digital platforms, RPA, AI, IoT, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud, AR/VR, Business Applications, Application Services, BPO, and so on. Their loyalty platform is a blockchain-based solution that is web-based and has a responsive design for the client’s admin users and merchant users to transfer points to a digital wallet and make redemptions.

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5. Conclusion

Vietnam is a bustling source of several software organizations that build trustworthy solutions for global clients. But choosing a software development partner especially to build loyalty management software requires a partner who understands the brand inside out and wants to be part of the brand’s journey along with the customer. Undoing a live digital platform causes a great amount of frustration to all stakeholders. Hence, investing time to find such a loyal partner saves a lot of wastage later. So do a comprehensive study to find the right development partner for a happily ever after!


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