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As business requirements are rapidly evolving, requiring the use of more modern and intelligent technology to meet and solve difficulties in the business process. So, one of these technologies is machine learning, which learns algorithms to find patterns in datasets.

In more detail, Machine learning is a field of research aimed at teaching machines to perform a cognitive activity, similar to the human mind. While they are typically much more limited in cognitive ability than the average human, they are able to process vast amounts of information quickly and derive useful business insights.

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Machine learning 

Therefore, nowadays a myriad of companies desire to apply this solution to their organizations in solving key business challenges, enabling data-driven decision making and creating innovative business models. However, it is difficult to find a technology company that is able to offer the best machine learning development solution for your business. Thus, this article highly recommends Kyanon Digital – a reliable machine learning development company in Vietnam.

1. Why should you choose Kyanon Digital as a reliable machine learning development company?

The main reason that you should work with Kyanon Digital is simply because their machine learning services enable businesses to cut down costs, save time, automate operations, boost productivity and enhance efficiency.

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Kyanon Digital company

About Kyanon Digital, this company is a Vietnam-based tech powerhouse providing world-class digital solutions with an agile approach. At Kyanon Digital, they are striving to leverage their expertise every day to create endless value to their clients, especially recommending the fittest and the most effective solutions. Their consultant teams are capable of supporting globally and fulfill your technological missing piece with the best-suit advice in any sector.

2. Machine learning development services

Their team develops a machine learning method for your business, integrating all vital and useful features. They deliver two branches of machine learning involving supervised learning, unsupervised learning through input data by 4 ways of analysis.

2.1. Predictive Analytics

Kyanon Digital helps you create and deploy predictive analytics solutions that include: Gain deeper insights into data, Identify trends and patterns, Predict behavior, Understand customers better, Boost business performance and Drive strategic decision-making.

2.2. Image Analytics and Video Analytics
  • Their image recognition enables users to detect an object or attribute in an image.
  • Their video intelligence services help users to identify and tag different entities in video or motion pictures.
2.3. Computer vision

Machine Learning development has improved computer vision about recognition and tracking. It offers effective methods for acquisition, image processing, and object focus which are used in computer vision. In turn, computer vision has broadened the scope of machine learning. It involves a digital image or video, a sensing device, an interpreting device, and the interpretation stage.

2.4. Natural language processing (NLP)

Their team can help you to integrate NLP capabilities in your applications, bots, and IoT devices for a wide variety of industries to eliminate the complexity and process documents rapidly. By leveraging our NLP expertise, your enterprise can build a next-generation digital assistant that is contextually relevant, understands the language that people use to communicate and make better decisions.

3. By following a four-step process to develop machine learning models, Kyanon Digital can help to improve the business bottom line:

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Four-step process to develop machine learning models

3.1. Understanding data

They gather data from the right sources and analyze it to have a better understanding of your business problem.

3.2. Data preparation

They clean and transform data to improve its quality and ensure that it can be easily processed and analyzed.

3.3. Model building

They build and train models, test their efficiency and iterate until the desired accuracy is achieved.

3.4. Deployment

After evaluation, which is efficient, then their team goes ahead with model deployment.

Via types of that analysis method, Machine Learning service provides solutions for businesses and allows them to stay ahead of the competition.

4. Benefits when working with Kyanon Digital

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Kyanon Digital team gain your business benefits

4.1. Enhanced Customer Experience

With machine learning services of Kyanon Digital, that will assist your companies in rapidly responding to consumer requests and complaints and resolving issues. For instance, the combination of conversational machine learning development and Natural Language Processing technologies will send extremely customized messages to consumers, assisting in the discovery of the best solutions for their needs.

4.2. Reasonable Cost

Since Machine Learning, development technology is a complicated technology but it is highly efficient for businesses. So, one of the biggest client concerns of hiring those services is the cost. Recognizing this problem, Kyanon Digital company provides high-quality machine learning development services at reasonable prices and in compliance with the needs of customers.

4.3. Deep expertise

With teams of strategic experts and deep expertise in digital transformation, Kyanon Digital specializes in developing development platforms that help customers achieve their business goals and over their expected requirements.

5. Happy Clients Kyanon Digital have worked with

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Kyanon Digital’s happy clients and partners

In nearly 10 years with more than 100+ clients all over the world namely: Samsung, Nestlé, Unilever, Pokka, Our Better World, Ogilvy, Leo Burnet, Trinity, Digital World, etc… by their experience in the field, Kyanon Digital specialized team of developers help clients maximize financial and corporate benefits while minimizing risks and expenses by delivering effective solutions to solve their business and technology issues.

If you are seeking a reliable machine learning development company, please do not hesitate to contact Kyanon Digital for more information.


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