About Advosights

Advosights is a one-stop solution for scalable and sustainable advocacy marketing which guides business strategies to success and turns consumers into brand advocates.

The program’s mission is to motivate each employee to become a company’s advocate with 2 types of product: A platform that implements “Employee advocacy” and “A social network tool to collect and process data”. Some services available on the program include deploy and manage the campaign, measure and evaluate campaigns, report campaign results, support branding.

Overview of Advosights

Campaign types:

  • Branding campaign.
  • Affiliate Marketing campaign with rewards.
  • Referrals campaign for rewards.
  • Brand Advocacy campaign.

Technology: Social Intelligence Analytics.


Advosights measurement system

Process for Enterprises

Step 1. Invitation

Objectives: Inform and invite all employees to participate in the program.

How?: Via social network, internal information channel, email, poster, banner, etc.

Step 2. Microsite


  • Track and manage campaign’s information.
  • Encourage employees to participate in the campaign, track bonus points and exchange gifts.

Key features:

  • Notifications.
  • Responsive (mobile app).
  • Campaign creation.
  • Earn points, exchange gifts.
  • User reviews and ratings.
  • Write reviews about products.
  • Spread out the campaign social networks.

Display: Identity image of Vinmart.

Advosights 2

Step 3: Registration

  • User creates account via Facebook, phone number, work email.
  • Participation.

Advosights 3

Step 4: Verification

  • Use work email to verify employee’s accounts.
  • Verified accounts can move forward along the process to get rewards.

Advosights 4

Process for Users (Employees)

Step 1: Take action

Users perform a variety of activities on social networks to spread brand image:

  • Post a review / introduction about products.
  • Upload check-in images at store,  products.
  • Share articles.
  • Share promotion codes on personal walls or via Messenger of friends.
  • Interact with the article (Like, share, comment)
  • Introduce products, or promo codes to encourage friends / relatives to buy goods.

Step 2: Connect

With the aim of connecting users, increasing interaction, and promoting users to take more actions:

  • Send notifications (notifications) to users on the system.
  • Chat bot.
  • Gamification: Promote users to do more to upgrade.
  • Pop-up messages, promotion information when users join the system.
  • Notifications via email, SMS.

Advosights 6

Step 3: Honor

With the purpose of recognizing and motivating employees to become advocates, the system provides diverse forms:

  • Points system: Users are awarded points corresponding to each specific action. Points will be redeemed for gifts.
  • Ranking: Users are rated and ranked according to the following criteria:

–  Level of brand love (passion score)

– Content quality of posts (content quality score)

– Level of information dissemination (amplification score)

– Sales ability: the number of successful referral coupons to friends (social selling score)

  • Membership rank: Membership is classified by activity level, the higher the rank is, the greater the benefits.

Advosights 6

Step 4: Rewards

  • Users convert accumulated points into gifts.
  • The higher the membership rank, the greater the benefits.
  • Special gifts: Promotion codes, coupons, products, unique experiences,…

Advosights 7

Process for Admin

Functions of the Administration system:

  • Create a campaign: create an activity mechanism, a reward mechanism, a notification system, create gifts.
  • Campaign management: tracking sales & marketing statistics, viewing charts and reports.
  • Detect virtual users, seeders, deception.

Advosights 8

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