About Momee

Momee is an intimate communication platform to celebrate the mundane everyday with circles that matter.

How Momee Is Different

Process-oriented post: Each post is an organizable on-going collection of moments – top up the new progress to the posted.

Fast & Expressive visual messages: No excessive scrolling and waiting on loading of images or videos

Genuine life – relatable: The Daily Baby growth, cooking a meal, self care rituals, and even workout routine… share all without worrying about taking over others’ screens.

How Momee Works

Motherhood is an ongoing process, so is Momee.

Momee 3

Create your “Circle”

Momee 4

Share your “Circle”

Momee 5

“Add new” progress to any selected post

Momee 6

Progress collections shown in the “Circle”

Value Proposition

Momee App is

  • Fostering the sense of intimacy with circles through process-focused connections.
  • Revolutionizing personalized experience from groups who can relate to each other.

Momee 6

Next Phase Model
E-commerce Monetization

E- commerce affiliate with brands and local leisure service:

  • Products screening + Brands management.
  • Circle shares with Group review + Group purchase.
  • Local service – things to do in groups.
Ads & Brands Monetization

Ads display and Brand influence Service:

  • Official Circle for Brands’ fans.
  • Ads display in “momee” format.
  • Brands style stickers filters templates.

Momee 7

Go To Market

The company process is as below.

Momee 8

Roadmap Outlook 2020 – 2021

Momee 9

Kyanon Digital is a premier tech incubator that creates opportunities for startups in Vietnam. Advancing innovative teams and ideas, no matter where they originate. By supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, we work to create positive social and economic change, transforming the world by making innovation accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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