Prink - A digital printing platform

About Prink

As most services are migrating to the digital sphere, traditional businesses like Prink are finding it harder to attract customers and fulfill their demands, as well as to to remain profitable. The first came from the change in customer demand, as they were looking for a service which could allow them to self-design and order a small quantity of personal items like customized t-shirts, bags, souvenirs etc. which no company in Singapore was yet to offer. Coupled with that was their manual working processes that kept Prink from optimizing their productivity. These business challenges created an opportunity for Prink to come up with a comprehensive digital solution which can disrupt their old-fashioned industry and lead a reform.

What We Did

We designed and built a digital printing service platform where consumers have their own accounts and assets management, have their designs customized, ordered to print, pay for the services and receive their final products all in one journey. This promises to attract more customers, generate more revenue and more importantly, bring their customers brand-new innovative experiences.

With this innovative platform, our client has successfully digitally transformed the whole printing industry, pioneered in resetting customer expectations for excellent services and raised the standard of business operations. It also sets a milestone of moving into a digital chapter for Prink.

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