HiKaMi – A Swiss startup, an innovative marketer that brings the Swiss know-how to create smartly designed products.

BOx is one of Hikami’s products – the world’s 1st smart bottle opener which was created to capture the moment of consumption and connect it to the digital world. The version 2 of BOx is Wecheer.IO


BOx did not have any technical production and data analytic expertise to transform their vision. They required a reliable partner who had thoughtful experience in IoT, data analytics. There were many option but finding the right one who they could trust was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


Kyanon formed a dedicated cross-functional tech team and worked closely with Hikami as part of their startup to turn the ideas into a concrete plan, complete with solutions for every scenario. Our team with fierce spirits has shared with them the passion and worked with them as a united team, not just as an outsourcing service provider. We are standing together through all ups and downs.

The product is a smart bottle opener and a mobile app that capture every bottle opened by the consumer. This unique proprietary patented solution is the first to provide: Data Accuracy for insights analytics, Effective Engagement and Scalability. For the first time breweries are tailored with consumer engagement products that are billed based on every bottle opened.
The concept of Pay Per Click (PPC) turns into Pay Per Bottle (PPB) where all real-time data is visualized for strategic and instant decision making.


Kyanon Digital is a premier tech incubator that creates opportunities for startups in Vietnam. Advancing innovative teams and ideas, no matter where they originate. By supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, we work to create positive social and economic change, transforming the world by making innovation accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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