Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam

Vietnam’s digital commerce landscape is experiencing a remarkable transformation, with businesses of all sizes capitalizing on the ever-expanding online market. As the demand for e-commerce solutions continues to surge, the need for expert guidance and innovative digital commerce companies has never been more critical.

In this article, we have meticulously researched and compiled a list of the “Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam.” This comprehensive list not only showcases the cream of the crop but also delves into the remarkable capabilities and offerings that make these companies stand out in a competitive market.

1. Kyanon Digital

Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam 1

Kyanon Digital is a leading technology consulting and implementation company in Vietnam, with 10+ years of experience in the industry, Kyanon Digital team always offer for their clients technologies that will set them up for speed, help your business go digital with their on-demand, custom-built software and bring your business to the next level.

The Digital Commerce services that Kyanon Digital offers their clients include:

Business To Consumers (B2C):
  • Strategize your multi-channel presence, select the ideal e-commerce platform, personalize customer experiences, and harness data-driven insights.
  • Ensure seamless integration, mobile responsiveness, security compliance, and ongoing optimization.
Business To Business (B2B):
  • Their B2B Digital Commerce Solution is designed to guide your business through this transformational journey, helping you leverage the full potential of digital technologies to streamline operations, enhance long-term relationships with your business buyer, build trust and drive sustainable growth.
Direct To Consumers (D2C):
  • Empower brands to establish a direct connection with their consumers, enabling them to control the entire customer experience, gather valuable data insights, and potentially achieve higher profit margins compared to traditional retail models with commerce, community and engagement.
  • Their Marketplace Solutions encompass end-to-end management, seamlessly facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers in the digital commerce realm.
  • Offering a comprehensive suite of services, they are your one-stop resource to drive growth, extract valuable insights, and deliver mutual benefits to both buyers and sellers.
Composable Commerce:
  • With Composable Commerce, they provide businesses with the freedom to design their own unique e-commerce ecosystems, enabling them to rapidly adapt to changing market demands, deliver personalized experiences, and drive business growth.
Omni-Channel Data & Growth:
  • Experience growth through data-driven insights, strategic planning, and marketing technology.
  • Unify online, offline, and digital touchpoints for a seamless, immersive customer journey that drives loyalty and accelerates your omni-channel success.
2. Afocus

Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam 2

Afocus is a team of passionate design-thinkers, curious product strategists, and innovative digital transformers living in Vietnam. They are focused on products, not projects, with your business growth being our highest priority from day one.

From ideas to delivery, Afocus supports each client along the full life cycle of their digital initiatives:

– Analyzing business, marketing and sales targets, competition and constraints,

– Identifying and collecting requirements,

– Establishing, redefining & implementing branding, marketing and advertising strategies,

– Elaborating concepts (IA & Wireframe/Mockup) from simple business ideas,

– Designing Responsive & intuitive customer & User Interface (UI: Look & Feel) / Experience (UX) and system architecture,

– Coding sites/apps/softs rather on an agile and test-driven mode,

– Controlling / Assuring quality with international standards (+ user testing),

– Deploying and following-up evolutive and corrective maintenance.

– Optimizing traffic (ASO/SEO), usage & sales with data collection, analysis & reporting…

3. Groove Technology

Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam 3

Groove Technology is the first and last stop for companies worldwide that need support to develop digital products and custom software solutions. Their integrated resource model paves the way for your technology projects to be completed sooner, with less effort.

They help businesses expand their software development capabilities. How?

  • Ready-made and well-oiled offshore teams at your disposal
  • Proactive and innovative software development approaches
  • A partner that prioritises trust and delivering quality solutions
4. Adamo Software

Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam 5

As the top software development company based in Vietnam, Adamo Software surpasses edge-cutting digital solutions for global organizations with the aim of adopting new technologies and transforming business operations.

Adamo offers full-cycle and customized software development services with high-quality and lucrative solutions. Listed as the top 10 Vietnam’s software development companies, Adamo excels at mobile app development, web-based solutions, website development, and portal development.

Their skillful and experienced developers provide you with innovative, efficient, valuable-tailored, and sustainable digital solutions. Whether it is a user-centric app or transformative corporation-level software solutions, Adamo will transform your business ideas into superb software products with continuous support.

5. CodeNinja

Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam 6

At CodeNinja, they believe that there’s a lot of untapped engineering potential in the world—and they’re here to tap it. They’re a mission-driven software company of 250+ engineers striving to solve the world’s hardest problems for people, businesses, and Governments by tapping the untapped engineering potential of High-Growth and emerging markets.

Their mission is to improve the lives of three billion people living in emerging markets by creating opportunities in technology.

6. SupremeTech Co., Ltd.

Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam 7

SupremeTech is an ISO-certified Agile software development company in Vietnam, Japan, USA, and AU. Providing custom software applications, OTT Streaming platforms, HR Tech, and software maintenance services. Established in 2020, SupremeTech has grown rapidly from just a few members at the beginning to over 160 employees.

At SupremeTech, they implement the Scrum methodology and Agile framework to enhance efficiency and innovation. They optimize and leverage the Agile process to deliver a working product faster than a standard sprint. They provide real-time progress reports for each project because we value transparency and collaboration.

They focus not only on developing software but also providing the best solutions based on your business goals and core values. They offer the extra step to deliver a tailored digital solution to your business needs.


Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam 7

SECOMM is a full-service ecommerce solution provider using various platforms, tools, and technologies to satisfy all the business’s complex systems.

  • Ecommerce Consulting
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Ecommerce Maintenance
  • Ecommerce Acceleration
8. BSS Commerce

Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam 8

BSS Commerce is a global full-service eCommerce agency that provides cutting-edge technology solutions to B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses. They are empowered by partnerships with multiple platform providers and highly-qualified experts with customer-centric value at heart.

As an accredited eCommerce solution provider, BSS offers a comprehensive eCommerce strategy to accelerate your business through wide-scale service on multiple platforms. They also enhance your eCommerce systems with highly-recommended Magento Extensions, Shopify Apps & Shopware Extensions.

They make your eCommerce vision to life with our Global Standard, Best-in-class Service, and Solution-oriented mindset.

9. Magenest JSC

Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam 9

Magenest is a one-stop digital solution provider with a special focus on eCommerce systems, ERP/CRM platforms, Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Marketing, and more.

As a leading technology solution company in APAC, they have helped brands activate and scale their digital presence, transform business operations, and empower the workforce through our solutions with Adobe Magento Commerce, Odoo, HubSpot, and Amazon Web Services.

The quality of their work is backed by industry leaders: SM Markets, Abbott, Heineken, Trung Nguyen Legend, Bibomart, ACFC, Hoang Phuc International, etc.

10. AMELA Technology

Top 10 Digital Commerce Companies in Vietnam 10

Amela Technology is a global IT services and consulting company established in Hanoi city (Vietnam). They bring your idea to life by bridging technological gaps and manpower shortages with the following top-tier solutions:

  • Software Outsourcing & Development
  • Emerging tech: Blockchain, IoT, and AI solutions
  • Web & Mobile App Development
  • Embedded Systems Quality Control & Testing
  • Start-up supporting
  • Human resource introduction
  • Engineer dispatching

In the course of their development, they have pleased clients from one of the most demanding markets Japan in a variety of industries, including eLearning, eCommerce, live streaming, healthcare, and ERP.

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