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Today the development of low-code platforms is not too strange and new, but it has really come back strongly recently. Low code helps us automate difficult tasks as well as shorten the time in software development to help businesses free up labor and improve work efficiency. More specifically, the platform enterprise low-code offers a more strategic approach, capable of integrating with most different software and applications. Based on specific requirements, the platform provides all the necessary tools to perform data exchange in a variety of file formats, access and interact with third parties. Therefore, currently, the Low-code platform designed specifically for the operating needs of enterprises is being prioritized and focused on development by enterprises.

This article will introduce you to the top 5 enterprise low-code development companies in Vietnam with the aim of helping your business to choose an effective and suitable tech partner for your digital transformation.

1. Kyanon Digital

Kyanon Digital is a technology company based in Vietnam and Singapore specializing in providing international standard technology solutions such as digital transformation solution consulting, data analysis, mobile application development and software, in addition, the company also provides specialized programming team services as an in-house team of customers.

With more than 10 years of experience along with knowledgeable human resources and has cooperated with partners such as Samsung, Unilever, Nestle, Starbuck…Kyanon Digital is currently developing applications and software solutions for businesses. medium and large with low-code, no-code platform to help businesses automate internal processes; create and deploy mobile applications and management software in the fastest, most flexible and cost-effective way.

The benefits that Kyanon Digital has been developing for this platform include: compatibility with many different platforms, absolute security, flexibility in operation, smart interface and more especially, catching up with the trend. direction of digital transformation in the current era “digital transformation must be fast, but quality assurance and cost-effective”

Top 5 Enterprise Low-code Development Companies in Vietnam

Kyanon Digital achieved the Top 10 ICT Companies Award 2022

With what has been achieved in the field of technology, Kyanon Digital’s position is further enhanced when at the beginning of 2022, Kyanon Digital entered the top 10 ICT Companies and in 2023, they won the Singapore Entrepreneur 100 Award for their Agile and Resilient Entrepreneurship.

2. Outsystems

OutSystems is a multinational corporation specializing in the field of software in Japan. The low-code platform is defined by OutSystems as a software development method that allows businesses to deploy software faster, thereby shortening time to advertise and market products. The low-code platform has helped OutSystems achieve many amazing business results: increase investment by 253% in 7 months, launch 60 applications in less than 2 years; save 650 working days, product research and development.

Top 5 Enterprise Low-code Development Companies in Vietnam


With thousands of customers in more than 50 countries; officially present in Japan since 2017 and dominate the low-code playground here. Since 2020, Outsystems has cooperated with FPT Software – a member unit of FPT Corporation to provide a package service from developing, building, installing and maintaining software applications on a low-code platform for customers, OutSystem plays an important role in implementing special digital transformation projects for customers around the world.

3. FPT Software

FPT Software is another name for FPT Software Co., Ltd with the main task of software outsourcing in Vietnam and abroad. FPT Software desires companies around the world to recognize them by pursuing the goal of software outsourcing to meet the IT development needs of domestic software firms, large domestic companies and is more ambitious than exporting software worldwide for companies. The main purpose of FPT is to reach new heights through technology to improve labor productivity.

Top 5 Enterprise Low-code Development Companies in Vietnam


After more than 30 years of operation and accompanying partners such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Unilever,.. In the period of 2019–2021, FPT will focus on two main fields: Global digital transformation and investment in building strong foundations, which are the core for the development of business models, bringing benefits to multi-sector businesses and people. Since the end of 2019, as a partner of OutSystems, FPT Software has provided all-inclusive services from developing, building, installing and maintaining software applications on a low-code platform for customers. Arnold, Vice President in charge of OutSystems Northeast Asia and Japan, commented: “FPT Software owns the resources as well as the multilingual ability of the senior workforce. FPT has a fairly large office system in Japan. Therefore, FPT Software’s position in Japan is very certain.”

4. Mendix

Mendix is ​​an American low-code software platform company that provides tools for building, testing, deploying, and programming the application cycle. The company was founded in 2005, and was acquired by Siemens in 2018 and now operates as an independent subsidiary.

Top 5 Enterprise Low-code Development Companies in Vietnam


Mendix not only provides low-code platforms but also provides No-code. Outstanding features of Mendix’s low-code platform such as: Java Action, Microflows, Teamcenter Connector, UI, etc. Through these outstanding features, Mendix has stopped cooperating with IBM, SAP, Microsoft and AWS and become a trusted partner of these businesses.

With a small, cross-functional team “Mendix App Platform” builds and deploys complex business applications faster than ever, allowing you to integrate with any system or even the cloud and ensure secure deployment with built-in CI/CD automation. Mendix provides tools to support the entire application workflow.

5. 1C Vietnam

1C Vietnam was established as a subsidiary of 1C. 1C Company has grown rapidly and strongly by developing and providing software solutions as well as support services for businesses in many different fields: commerce, construction, retail, helping to upgrade high competitiveness, increased productivity and work efficiency, and promises to bring success to businesses based on modern and advanced platforms.

Top 5 Enterprise Low-code Development Companies in Vietnam

1C Vietnam

Currently, many solution and application developers around the world are using the program language of the enterprise low-code platform, which is an advanced and efficient low-code technology platform. Therefore, not only is it limited to providing customers with quality software products, 1C Vietnam also facilitates cooperation with units to build and develop products on the basis of low-code technology with low-code technology, called 1C:Enterprise, offers appropriate policies for partners in two areas: technology development partners and product supply partners.

Hope this article has provided you with a lot of useful information about top 5 enterprise low-code development companies in Vietnam. Kyanon Digital is currently a solution partner of Mendix – one of the leading low-code solution platforms in the world. Kyanon Digital helps accelerate the digital transformation for customers by providing excellent low-code solutions from Mendix. If you are in need of accelerating the development of applications and expanding the business ecosystem, please contact us immediately for the earliest advice.

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