Ultimate Guide To Create Composable Commercial Software with Low-code

Composability enhances corporate flexibility by leveraging existing engineering endeavors instead of duplicating them. For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), business models centered around composability champion resilience, adaptability, modular Lego-brick design, and, when successful, have the potential for exponential growth.

A singular composable solution can find applications across diverse scenarios, creating a software development framework akin to the compounding interest principle in finance, as noted by tech writer Chris Dixon.

In contrast, the low-code approach eliminates the need to await the maturation of investments. The model-driven development platform offered by Mendix seamlessly aligns with and complements a composability framework. If composability represents the “what,” then the Mendix platform, with its capacity to accelerate app development through seamless technology integration and both horizontal and vertical scalability, embodies the “how.”

Let’s see how to create composable commercial software with low-code and how it benefits your business.

1. Mendix, composability, and independent software vendors

Ultimate Guide To Create Composable Commercial Software with Low-code 1

The relationship between Mendix’s approach to low-code application development and composability resembles a mutual discovery, with both sharing a commitment to principles like order, efficiency, governance, and scalability throughout their extensive histories. Amidst the swift evolution of technology and social dynamics, uniting these two approaches becomes a potent strategy for gaining a competitive edge.

Employing low-code, model-driven development for crafting reusable solutions that are both easily maintainable and scalable provides Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with the means to expand their service catalog using fewer resources and less effort. Leveraging the Mendix platform to establish a composable framework empowers ISV partners to:

  • Seize every opportunity: Swiftly develop, template, and reuse solutions to reduce time-to-market.
  • Drive digital transformation: Effectively create, adapt, maintain, and upgrade core commercial software solutions on a cloud-native architecture.
  • Sustain relevance with minimized overhead: Effortlessly construct custom third-party connections or integrate cutting-edge technology into commercial solutions using innovative connectors built into the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
2. Incorporating composability into your solutions portfolio

Ultimate Guide To Create Composable Commercial Software with Low-code 2

Mendix empowers an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) to initiate a suite of offerings by constructing a foundational application—a conceptual component or reusable element within the composable framework.

This Mendix-built starter application can be strategically repositioned horizontally by the ISV, paving the way for the exploration of new opportunities in parallel use cases and diverse market scenarios. Mendix ensures the ease of iteration and maintenance of the application throughout its development life cycle, harnessing the capabilities of new technologies and vertical scaling to support continuous enhancement.

In the realm of composability, the implementation of each new use case demands significantly less development time compared to the original iteration. Remarkably, composability finds its place even in highly regulated industries such as finance and insurance. In these sectors, Mendix customers leverage and reuse shareable components to streamline development across various scenarios, ranging from single sign-on (SSO) applications to comprehensive regulatory compliance aligning with FedRAMP specifications.

Mendix makes it easy to integrate with the latest technology

Empowering an enterprise to maximize value from a commercial solution is significantly enhanced when the integration of desired features is swift and efficient. Reinventing the wheel is not a cost-effective approach. Why embark on rebuilding for each instance when a robust marketplace of third-party and managed service provider user-facing solutions is readily available for seamless integration with your product?

Moreover, why clutter your core? Designing composable modules within the Mendix platform promotes adaptability. This approach allows you to minimize customer experience disruptions by maintaining a composed front end while simultaneously modernizing the back end. Additionally, you can stimulate the adoption and utilization of both new and existing services by repackaging APIs according to the business case.

The outcome is a suite of scalable, adaptable solutions that an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) can swiftly iterate and implement across its customer base.

3. Composability allows your ISV to grow exponentially

Ultimate Guide To Create Composable Commercial Software with Low-code 3

In the era where swift adaptation is crucial for survival, low-code expedites the digital transformation process. Enterprises are under pressure to move quickly, seeking access to technological innovation to establish market differentiation.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) leveraging their internal applications along with resources from Managed Service Providers (MSPs), open-source marketplaces, and third-party channels have the potential to deliver more value to their customers. Integrating applications into customized modular component blocks enables ISVs to save development time, transforming customer expectations through new functionalities and updated experiences.

Mendix facilitates the creation of solutions by ISVs that can be reused based on opportunities and technological advancements. As the portfolio of Mendix-built applications expands, ISVs can address their customers’ needs with a level of availability comparable to out-of-the-box solutions. Moreover, ISVs using the Mendix low-code application development platform can generate solutions that customers can adopt and customize with their internal development teams.

4. Mendix Makes It Easy to Build Composable Services

In the contemporary enterprise landscape, constant disruption is the norm, with technology perpetually in flux. Grasping the evolution of the market alone is a demanding, full-time endeavor. Low-code application development emerges as the essential tool for ISV organizations, offering the agility and efficiency required to swiftly navigate this dynamic environment and scale effectively in crafting tailored solutions for their enterprise. Contact us to  initiate your journey into composable commercial software.

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