In recent times, outsourced developers have transformed from being assigned to complete small tasks to becoming full-fledged tech partners who not only validate the concept and business model, but also ideate the process, write code, conduct tests, and provide maintenance services. As a result, dedicated development teams have become trusted partners who are regularly engaged in projects.

Due to the significant change in the scope of their workload, business owners are being cautious in their selection of dedicated developers. This is because they see it as an investment that will yield benefits for several years to come. In this post, we will provide tips and tricks for those seeking a dedicated software development team.

1. Difficulties when searching for a dedicated software development team
1.1. Meeting numerous choices

By 2023, the size of the software outsourcing market had skyrocketed to $350.5 billion, in contrast to its much smaller $45.6 billion value in 2000. Over a period of 23 years, the market has expanded rapidly, giving rise to new trends in cooperation. As a result of this rapid growth, businesses face greater difficulties in selecting the most suitable provider for their projects.


1.2. Lack of clarity regarding selection criteria

The abundance of options available to business owners can make it challenging to initiate the evaluation process, leading to confusion and uncertainty. When faced with a large number of options, there is a risk of selecting a team that offers many IT services but lacks expertise in any of them. Additionally, businesses run the risk of choosing a team that excels at technical aspects of software development but lacks adequate communication and management skills.

1.3. Selection of an appropriate region

Despite the fact that the software outsourcing markets exhibit similarities in terms of technical expertise among developers, there are several dynamic variables that differ from one country to another. These variables include factors such as time zones, proficiency in languages, hourly work rates, and overall market maturity.

Typically, the software outsourcing markets in the United States and Canada are deemed premium markets due to the relatively high hourly rates for software developers, which can begin at $80 per hour. Conversely, the hourly rates for a dedicated development team in Ukraine, located in Eastern Europe, start at a lower rate of $25 per hour.

1.4. Lack of comprehension regarding to assess a potential contractor

In spite of defining choice criteria, business managers may still face the risk of having inappropriate expectations. There may be instances where the product owner is not aware of the complexity of the task and underestimates the difficulty, or where software development teams overestimate it, leading to exploiting the lack of experience of business owners.

2. Tips for Conducting Research on IT Outsourcing Companies

Although it is often assumed that experience is the only way to overcome the challenges of outsourcing, conducting thorough research can provide solutions to these problems.

Our comprehensive guide on offshore software development can be very helpful in this regard.

By investing time to comprehend the details of the outsourcing market and the offshore team’s approach, it is possible to navigate the obstacles smoothly. Here are some ways to accomplish that.

2.1. Get acquainted with a market

To start your search for offshore development companies, you should first determine which country you want to consider. There are several factors to consider, such as hourly costs and time zone differences.

For example, the hourly rate for junior software developers is generally higher in the US and Western Europe compared to dedicated development teams in countries like Ukraine. Software development outsourcing in Vietnam is around 90% less expensive than employing US workers. The savings would be 50% compared to China and 30% to India.

Additionally, working with outsourced developers across different time zones can pose a challenge, but this can be addressed by working with a professional team with a strong track record of working on international projects.

2.2. Confirm the details about the software outsourcing company

It’s important to ensure that the software provider is truthful and transparent about their practices, particularly when it comes to technology and management. However, it can be difficult to determine this solely based on their claims.

Therefore, it’s recommended to seek out a second opinion by contacting previous clients of the company. If the provider has mentioned specific businesses and individuals, it may be useful to reach out to them through social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook and inquire about their experience working with the company.

Another way to verify information about a software provider is to check various online platforms that offer reviews and ratings, specifically for companies that offer software development services. These websites assess the quality of companies based on reviews from verified clients. Some of the most popular platforms include:

  • — an independent platform that evaluates the expertise of outsourcing providers in software development, testing, web design, and marketing. The Clutch team checks the validity of the testimonials by independently contacting the authors of the reviews.


  • — just like Clutch, GoodFirms aggregates the leading software development providers from different local markets and comes up with TOP lists for particular development areas. The evaluation is based on the company’s portfolio and client reviews.


  • — here, developers have to contact the moderation team directly and send a full review of their professional activities. After personal approval, the team reviews the request and adds the company to their directory.


  • — a detailed rating collection of mobile developers. The companies are required to present their work expertise, reviews, portfolio, detailed information on cost and deadlines, as well as tech stacks for every project.
how-to-choose-the-best-dedicated-software-development-team-53. What factors to consider when evaluating a dedicated software development team

When you have several dedicated software development teams to choose from, it’s important to evaluate their experience and past projects. Some teams may offer a wide range of IT development services, while others may specialize in cost-effective testing and refactoring. Before making a final decision, you should identify the team’s areas of expertise and determine if they align with your project requirements.

In addition, it’s important to ensure that the products developed by the dedicated development team have been successfully launched in the market. For instance, if the team specializes in mobile app development, it’s recommended to check their products available on Google Play or App Store.


4. Getting started with working with developers that you have outsourced

There are several crucial steps that must be followed for any project to be successful. If any of these steps are skipped, it can lead to management problems and long-term complications.

How To Choose The Best Dedicated Software Development Team

4.1. Define your concept and business strategy

Ensure that the team comprehends your business model and is committed to their work. It is essential to have a trustworthy technical partner who has the necessary qualifications to create a product that will thrive in the market.

4.2. Establish all of your expectations at the beginning

Before starting work with a dedicated development team, it is important to clearly communicate all your expectations to ensure they understand the vision of your project. This includes sharing your previous projects and their outcomes to help the team better understand your goals. Additionally, it is important to specify all functional and performance requirements upfront.

4.3. Define potential risks in advance

It’s important to work with your outsourcing provider to assess potential risks that could arise during the development process. This will help you prepare for any additional costs or delays that may occur. Additionally, make sure to discuss and agree upon a plan for how to address these risks and resolve any issues that may arise.

4.4. Examine the project management aspect

Ensure that the management aspect of the project is thoroughly planned and agreed upon by both parties. This includes specifying the communication and management tools, scheduling meetings beforehand, and determining the systems for monitoring and control. It is crucial to ensure that all terms and conditions are clearly defined in the contract and that both parties are in agreement.

A good dedicated development team works as a long-term partner and emphasizes understanding your business logic and end-customers’ needs. Kyanon Digital uses the best practices from Scrum and XP to develop unique solutions that lead to your success, all that with the utmost focus and transparency. Contact us and have consultation with our experts to choose the best dedicated development team for your software development outsourcing.

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