Kyanon Digital Announced As Solution Partner For Talon.One - The World’s Most Powerful Promotion Engine

Talon.One is an API-first Promotion Engine that helps companies deliver relevant, personalized, data-driven promotions. It gives marketers the freedom to create any type of promotion they want, without developers’ input, freeing up development resources that can be spent elsewhere.

Kyanon Digital consults businesses to find software to increase customer engagement, conversion rates and growth. We help our clients create promotional marketing campaigns, engaging loyalty programs and unique digital experiences for customers / brands all around the world.

1. Make your sales promotions more successful

Kyanon Digital is now a Talon.One solution partner. We’ve adopted Talon.One’s Promotion Engine, a holistic system that manages all of your rewards and referral programs, sales incentives and promotional campaigns. Together we offer a complete set of tools and features that allow you to target customers, test promotions, create compelling engagement programs and automate processes at enterprise scale.

2. Enterprise ready solutions with Talon.One

Talon.One allows you to create personalized, targeted promotions that resonate with your customers and improve customer lifetime values, no matter the industry, vertical or size. Talon.One empowers marketing teams to create effective campaigns for customers, and removes the need for developers to build a scalable and robust infrastructure that needs endless maintenance. Once your data is integrated with Talon.One, you have no limitations in creating any type of data-driven promotions your teams can imagine.

  • Promotion Engine: A fully functional and readily adjustable Promotion Engine that provides complete control over every promotion you’ll ever need.
  • Coupon software: Unlimited coupon customization. Build whatever you need, whenever you need it.
  • Loyalty software: Implement any customer loyalty program you need, no matter your business objectives. Use any currency, rewards, points, stamps, or gifts that are appropriate for your business model, and then select how your customers will earn them.
  • Referral software: Referral marketing software with no limits. Control every aspect of your referral program to make it as simple, complex or gamified as you like.
  • Gift Card software: For big company goals, Talon.One offers gift cards. Respond to your customers’ individual demands with the kind of gift card versatility that every business needs.
  • Discount software: Personalize your marketing by offering custom-tailored offers. Use user behavior, inventory, user events, and third-party data to provide customized and automatic discounts.
  • Wallet solutions: Any data you work with can be stored in digital wallets. Coupons, miles, credits, and cash can all be saved in these versatile ledgers. You can pay in any currency you like.
  • Product bundles: Maximum product bundling flexibility. Give your customers as many reasons as possible to keep adding things to their shopping carts.
  • Geofence marketing: Geofence your marketing initiatives for specific objectives. Geolocation data can be used to personalize campaigns and provide a more personalized experience for clients on the go.

Kyanon Digital is delighted to be a Talon.One solution partner. By working together, Talon.One and Kyanon Digital provide companies with technologies to increase their customer engagement, conversion rates and growth by creating promotional marketing campaigns, engaging loyalty programs and unique digital experiences for customers / brands all around the world.

About Kyanon Digital:

Kyanon Digital is a Vietnam-based tech powerhouse providing world-class digital solutions with an agile approach. At Kyanon Digital, we strive to leverage our expertise everyday to create endless value for our clients, recommending the most effective solutions no matter their requirements. Our consultant teams are capable of supporting globally and advising in any sector.

To be our partner, please do not hesitate to contact Kyanon Digital for more information.


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