Kyanon Digital Is A Solution Partner With Open Loyalty

Open Loyalty is a technology for loyalty with the most flexible set of loyalty blocks for building personalized loyalty programs. It’s 100% customizable loyalty platform with ready-to-use gamification and loyalty features, easy to set up and customize, ready to work online and offline.

Thanks to the API-first approach and 50+ pre-built loyalty mechanics (eg. points, tiers, rewards, coupons, referrals), brands can quickly introduce engaging loyalty programs with a custom user experience at any touchpoint. Unlike legacy loyalty systems, Open Loyalty provides elastic loyalty program tools that give freedom to create, connect with other systems, and guarantee cost-effective scalability.

This solution enables the firm to identify and reward frequent customers, gain deep insights into their engagement behavior, and create data-driven campaigns to engage the right audience at the right time. Together with our enterprise’s solution, Kyanon Digital delivers a scalable and personalized communications experience for your consumers across many channels that drive revenue as well as loyalty and advocacy.

Loyalty technology that is easy to set up and adjust:

  • Loyalty program API with limitless applications: your business creates a truly personalized customer experience and easily connects your loyalty program to all front-ends and third-party applications.
  • API-based architecture guarantees the agility and scalability of your business: With rich API interfaces, brands and retailers gain the flexibility to create personalized experiences at all digital touchpoints.
  • Use API to deliver dedicated loyalty programs faster: It provides the freedom developers expect from a modern tech stack.
  • Connect your custom UX with a flexible loyalty program API: A headless approach allows you to develop new front-end applications across all touchpoints without the need for meddling in the back-end.

Moreover, Loyalty Program API extend their modules to introduce rich engagement mechanics including:

  • Points System: Create a points-based loyalty program with various earning rules. Reward customers for their purchases, behaviour, or specific interactions
  • Tier software: Use point-based or spending-based tiers to build strong relationships with your buyers. Create a loyalty scheme that will engage your customers and make them stay.
  • Rewards management: Let you run the customized campaigns through discount codes, vouchers, gifts, cashback, and more
  • Referral Program: Enrich with robust loyalty mechanics and let your customers refer their friends and earn rewards. Create engaging referral campaigns for different tiers and segments of your audience.
  • Digital wallet: Extend your payment gateway and loyalty into one wallet with engaging loyalty mechanics
  • Cashback: Reward your customers with instant gratification by allowing members to earn points and exchange them for money or vouchers.
  • Loyalty Program CRM: Profile and store your customer’s data
  • Card system: Create a Loyalty Program with digital of physical loyalty cards to manage online and offline interactions.
  • Coupon: Use coupons and vouchers to trigger repeat purchases among your customers
  • Multitenancy: Introduce engagement mechanics for an unlimited number of different business tenants that are used for building multi-level loyalty schemes

With the goal of providing our clients and enterprises with the greatest and fastest solutions, Kyanon Digital is proud to be Open Loyalty’s solution partner. This solution offers products to enhance their business performance, engage experiences, and achieve more success. Enterprises will benefit from the Loyalty Program API and Kyanon Digital’s professional developers, who will blend the platform’s excellence with your organization’s distinctiveness, guaranteeing to deliver the most effective tailored solutions to your corporate.

We are delighted to announce that Open Loyalty and Kyanon Digital have agreed to collaborate. As an Open Loyalty’s solution partner, we offered corporations strategic solutions as well as Loyalty Program API that match the distinctiveness of your business.


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To be our partner, please do not hesitate to contact Kyanon Digital for more information.

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