As a solution partner of Zudy and Mendix, which is one of the most popular low-code platforms,  Kyanon Digital takes customers on a journey. Our consultants create a space in which enterprise low-code will benefit your business. This new big thing needs to be realized fast but also first-time-right to create competitiveness for your business in a greatly competitive market in Vietnam nowadays. That’s why we partner with Zudy and Mendix platforms in order to bring you the fast and effective approach to the digital transformation era and first-time-right using our own resources to control and monitor your business’s internal and external experiences. And we assist your applications in our certified support center.

All the while on this journey, we give our customers the tools to build on top of the first app success and give them the best return-on-investment (ROI) to keep innovating.

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Zudy and Mendix

1. Firstly, let’s see generally what is enterprise low code?

In this digital era, application development has exploded and the demand for developers is higher than ever as new services and new digital journeys are being created. However, the availability cannot continue with the demand. Developers are expensive and specialized resources so developer efforts need to be focused. Low Code Automation is key to finding a new way. It is a software development approach that permits the delivery of applications faster and with minimal hand-coding. For developers, Low Code automation tools allow them to work faster and more efficiently by skipping hand-coding, speeding up the process of getting an application to production. For non-developers, it gives them the authority to build, alter, and use enterprise apps that fulfill emerging needs almost as soon as that need arises. Therefore, Low Code development platform enables organizations to face emerging needs with speed and agility. They help organizations solve business problems, support team collaboration and productivity, achieve business objectives, and develop a mature digital ecosystem to achieve a competitive edge.

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Enterprise low-code

2. How would Kyanon Digital help your business on this journey

To understand its full value, consider low-code as part of a business strategy rather than a mere tool. Some main considerations in doing that are:

  • Business case and ROI: Starting with an inventory of use cases can land enterprises with yet one more orphan platform. Foundational work on strategies for adoption, citizen development, software development lifecycle (SDLC), internal support services, and workforce enablement should inform the low-code strategy. Focused ROI measurement and governance are required until the adoption reaches maturity.
  • Choice of the platform: Platforms such as Zudy, Mendix, or Outsystems demonstrate broad capabilities for application development, while there are some like Airtable and MailChimp that are designed to address niche business needs. Architectural evaluation aside, platform selection must include business partners and consider fitment across business strategy, vendor product roadmap and investment plans, intellectual property (IP) and controls, availability of accelerators and/or app ecosystems, and so on.
  • Interoperability: Philosophies differ on the approach to integrating external (enterprise) services like automation, data, and SaaS platforms. Interoperability with the enterprise technology stack is inconsistent. RPA interoperability for instance, brings great value, but the potential is merely maturing.
  • Use cases: Identifying high-impact use cases to drive success and adoption is critical. Our assessment of use cases across the financial services industry revealed not only areas of significant acceleration – for instance, Bordereaux processing and client onboarding – but also key constraints. An assessment framework is a must to spot the proper use cases that ensure a fit-for-purpose platform.

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4 main considerations

2.1. Consulting

We advise our customers to identify and start with your business‘s situation and demand which leads you step-by-step in your digital transformation.

From the moment we have the first discussion and outline your first applications, innovation blossoms. Together, we will obtain the goal of not only working quickly but of working correctly as well.

Surely, you’re almost convinced about low-code – it’s fast, easy, and you want to seize opportunities in the market and digitize your business… but where do you start? We can help you determine which app you can create to help your business take off and how you can best embed low-code into your organization.

2.2. Developing

At Kyanon Digital, we work our best to help our customers find the best solutions for their businesses. Not only to be able to win the competitive market but also to create their competitive advantages in a long-term fight.

Together, we develop individual and unique business applications on Zudy/Mendix fast. And, first-time-right with our own code review, security, testing, and performance add-ons to these platforms.

2.3 Quality and Control

Customers want to go fast, but also first-time-right to make sure adoption smoothly and effectively. At Kyanon Digital, we work correctly and wholeheartedly to improve customers’ productivity while maintaining high-quality standards by researching the market carefully and understanding their needs. Find the solutions we use in our projects that offer automation of your quality and control to keep up with your low-code development speed.

2.4. Support

We are here to support our customers in our support center 24/7.

We understand technical, application and functional support, database support, application development, web development, integrations (web services, TEST, etc.), and cloud environments. We also coordinate any problem for you with Zudy, Mendix. Our tight strategic relationship has benefits that we both enjoy.

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Kyanon Digital help your business on journey

Of course, our consultancy department uses our very own specific skills that proactively address performance issues. Even with any complex applications finding the root cause can be a daunting exercise. We have a unique set of tools to get a grip on application performance faster than any other consultancy in Vietnam.

If you want my team at Kyanon Digital to help you apply enterprise low code effectively, just book a call.

For more information about low-code platform. Download the whitepaper here.

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