What is Vinyl & How does it support app development
What is Vinyl & How does it support app development
What Is Vinyl?

Vinyl was built by Zudy which help enterprises rapidly build and adapt for better results. Vinyl is the no-code enterprise application development platform that enables clients to build and continuously improve mobile and web applications at scale.

What is Vinyl How does it support app development

Zudy with relevant industry experience and in-depth development knowledge to address the business challenges, Vinyl empowers customers to create end-to-end enterprise-grade applications with sophisticated logic, workflows, security and integrations to any and all of your systems in weeks, not months/years. Increase your competitive advantages in the fast-changing life sciences landscape using this evolutionary platform.

How Does Vinyl support app development?

The Vinyl platform assists in speeding up digital transformation. Easy-to-use platform features reduce time while increasing your ability to connect meaningfully with customers. Vinyl improves application development time to value by 80%, getting your solutions to market faster with tremendous cost savings:

  • Innovative life sciences features
  • Full data integration support
  • Industry-specific pre-built connectors
  • Application accelerators & data model best practices
  • Decades of relevant industry experience
  • In-depth industry strategy to tackle business challenges

Vinyl’s architecture is the key to our flexible “design and build” environment.

  • Design Layer: Your design aesthetic is easy to duplicate in Vinyl.  Vinyl’s presentation layer allows complete control over your page design, panels, and controls using an intelligent dynamically responsive environment with no code.
  • Business Logic Layer: Vinyl allows you to automate your business processes in minutes. From simple to complex business logic, including user-defined workflows that support notifications via email and texts, Vinyl’s business engine allows you to freely automate any business process.
  • Data Access Layer: Vinyl’s patented universal translator allows all development to occur in a single environment across all data sources. Vinyl can securely read and modify your data without moving data from your enterprise system.

Vinyl promises to unleash what you already own:

  • Maximize: Use our powerful end-to-end no-code platform to unleash limitless innovation across all levels of your enterprise.
  • Modernize: Leverage data from existing systems and applications to deliver robust business applications with dynamically responsive design® and a modern, flexible UI.
  • Mobilize: Empower business analysts and IT professionals alike to build, iterate, and deploy real-time applications in days, turning web and mobile into one
What makes Vinyl different?

Vinyl introduces a new level of responsive design, security, and data display. Connect to disparate data sources and use disparate security providers on the same page at the same time, without writing a single line of code.  With Vinyl, your business can create beautiful yet robust applications and charts from multiple data sources including complex analytics all together on the same screen.

Vinyl Application Accelerators

Vinyl created best practice data models which serve as a great starting point for our customers. Vinyl accelerators help expedite the time to production while enjoying all of the benefits of a low-code/no-code platform – speed and ease of customization. Once installed, they can be configured to your specific business processes and integrated to your existing systems.

What is Vinyl How does it support app development

Vinyl leverages a combination of core data sources that offer customers tailored solutions. These solutions are fast to build, secure, low maintenance, and cost-effective compared to traditional off-the-shelf solutions.

Kyanon Digital is delighted to be a solution partner with Zudy. Our partnership seeks to provide our clients and partners with outstanding solutions, allowing them to enhance their business performance, go live faster, engage with experiences, and achieve more success. Enterprises will benefit from the Vinyl platform and Kyanon Digital’s professional developers, who will blend the platform’s excellence with your organization’s distinctiveness, guaranteeing to deliver the most effective tailored solutions to your corporation.

To be our partner, please do not hesitate to contact Kyanon Digital for more information.

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