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Mobile Apps have been changing the entire retail industry around the world. Out of which, the grocery business has seen massive growth in the last couple years. And absolutely, grocery mobile apps have become popular because they effectively meet the grocery needs of people from the comfort of their homes. After looking at the overall picture of online grocery stores from Part I (hyperlink), let’s dive deep into the advantages of setting up an online grocery store and its common features which make the platform successful.

1. How Would Grocery Delivery Apps Benefit Your Business?
1.1. Convenient and Time-saving

This is a big advantage, considering today’s busy modern life. With mobile apps, customers can shop for groceries anywhere and any place. Instead of going around and looking for products, they can simply search for particular items and add them to their online cart. They do not need to stroll heavyweight grocery carts and stand in a long line for the billing process. All tasks can be completed easily with just a few clicks on grocery shopping apps. And definitely customers love it.

1.2. Let Customers Book Out-Of-Stock Product In Advance

Shoppers always get upset when finding their needed products are all sold-out at the store. That wastes their time and be not unsatisfied their needs. With grocery apps, if a product is out of stock, e-shoppers can know about it, and either book that product in advance or set notifications up when it comes back in stock. This helps to enhance your customers’ pleasant and smooth grocery shopping experience in the comfort of their home.

1.3. Recurring & Scheduled Orders

With grocery shopping, there are specific items that consumers want to buy repeatedly throughout the week or month. When it comes to using eCommerce grocery apps, shoppers can subscribe for recurring orders, for example, an order for a certain type of food or vegetable every 2 days. This helps you to easily manage your complete inventory. You can set notifications for products running low to prepare stocks in the warehouse quickly. You can also easily manage all the past, present and future orders and search for them easily.

1.4. Secure Payments Options

Customers can select their choice of payment methods or even the pay-on-delivery option. Most of the online payment methods are secure, especially with eCommerce mobile apps.

1.5. Special Offers & Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty is very important for the development and sustainability of a business, and it’s been staying afloat for years. But it is not simple to have loyal customers. You have to keep a good relationship with your occasional customers and then convert them into loyal ones. With the online grocery apps, it can make the best out of your services by providing personalized suggestions & running loyalty programs effectively.

1.6. Improved Marketing Opportunities

Ecommerce grocery applications provide personalized and seamless experiences and even keeps the shoppers involved once they sign out after successful order placements. Through the Push Notification feature provided on the apps, store owners can provide personalized service supports and deals to each customer. In addition, based on the users’ data, their browsing history, and purchase pattern, business admins can make effective marketing campaigns directly and digitally to further boost the customers’ purchasing. With mobile apps, the new features are updating constantly and so the possibilities are endless.

There may be a question that it’s too many things for you to manage: Being busy with in-store work, dealing with customers’ issues, and now also spending time on running and observing the app. Don’t worry! There are amazing features that will help your business. With these features, the online ordering and delivery system can help your employees focus on main business activities and services. Also, you can manage your workflow with a reduced workforce. This can help to save time and money, and increase your profit over the period without spending too much effort on the customer services. Let’s see what they are:

2. Main Features of E-commerce Grocery Apps on the User-End
2.1. Logins/Signups

App users are so used to easy and quick steps nowadays that time-consuming steps like manual ways are not a pleasant aspect anymore. The registration process has to be simple and user-friendly. The process linked through social media login is popular these days. This option can be suggested to the registration process because it is a good way for advertisement for the grocery delivery app. Other options are through email address and mobile number, or it even offers fingerprint authentication. Shoppers can make the choice they like.

Benefits Of Grocery Delivery App And Common Features 1


2.2. Smarter Search Methods

This main feature has to be effective, yet simple. It has to provide convenience to the user to find products from the app. The app developer has to add filters of assorted types a good way  to make it smooth and easy for operation in order to help the user reach their favourite item search faster in the list. Nowadays, the app developer also provides searching via voice commands or even by uploading pictures. That totally satisfies the customers.

Benefits Of Grocery Delivery App And Common Features 2

Smarter Search Methods

2.3. Recommended Products

E-commerce has the benefit of having specific products marked as recommended on the app, for example, ‘bestseller’, ‘top-rated’, etc. It is helpful for app users as well. You might have experienced this feature on some of the shopping websites. Here, based on the previous search histories of the user, the recommended list is displayed at the bottom of the app.

Benefits Of Grocery Delivery App And Common Features 3

Recommended Products

2.4. Push Notifications

This feature is the most useful thing for the app users as well as the app owners. Push Notifications are popup messages that get sent directly to app users’ devices. They have shown their great value in retaining the app users and improving sales.

Benefits Of Grocery Delivery App And Common Features 4

Push Notifications

2.5. Chat Support

Through this feature, shoppers can make their queries and interact directly with the chat support team of the grocery app company for any issues that they need to resolve immediately.

Benefits Of Grocery Delivery App And Common Features 5

Chat Support

2.6. Secure Payment Gateways

Online payment is an important feature. You can integrate your app with several payment options which include payment through credit cards, via debit card, PayPal or Stripe, or even cash-on-delivery option. However, to make it easy for the user to be willing to pay online, you must ensure that they are provided with secure payment methods.

Benefits Of Grocery Delivery App And Common Features 6

Secure Payment Gateways

3. Features for Admin & Grocery Store Owners
3.1. Simplified Backend

The backend dashboard of the eCommerce app builder is highly convenient. The dashboard will help you manage your store easily. This feature enables the admin to observe all the important functionalities on the dashboard, such as, the orders, payments and deliveries. There is no need for coding with these. The visual and interactive dashboard allows quick edits and configurations that instantly reflect on the app.

3.2. Real-Time Sync and Content Management

This feature enables you to optimize content material of your app and in turn improve the user experience. For a multi-vendor version, the content is updated and managed by more than one store owner. Normally, the options to manage the content are:

  • Edit grocery store information
  • Add photos
  • Edit product list (example – deleting items, changing the price)

If you have an ecommerce grocery website and in case you want to build an app out of it, then this app maker plugin keeps both the website and the app in real-time sync with each other.

3.3. DIY Home-Page Customizations

With this plugin, those days might be long gone while an amendment required programming or coding. The visual editor on the backend permits the admins to customize each detail on the home page by using simple drag and drop. They can even move and change the photos, add relevant redirect activity on each detail/banner/ slider and even app count-down timer banners.

4. Additional features for making the perfect grocery app

In order to stand out among numerous choices, there exist more functions which are to improve users’ shopping experience while applying your grocery app. Here are some of them:

4.1. Feedback and comments

Development and improvements are what you have to constantly bear in mind approximately striving for having a popular app for grocery shopping. Therefore, comments and reviews might turn out to a great source to analyze your app weaknesses, if any. Developers do not limit themselves and provide you numerous ratings of everything – the service itself, the quality of purchased goods, the service of the shipping staff, etc.

Benefits Of Grocery Delivery App And Common Features 7

Feedback and comments

4.2. Repeated orders simplification

Repeated orders could be easier and quicker found out and checked out. It works when customers are able to choose systematically bought products using previous purchase history. Given the feature of a specific grocery shopping app will definitely enhance users’ online shopping experience, and the process will go smooth and fast.

Benefits Of Grocery Delivery App And Common Features 8

Repeated orders simplification

4.3. Wishlist

The possibility to feature products to the cart is an important grocery app feature. It’s for customers to save an item they’d like to buy later. We totally believe that such an option is convenient. Also, shoppers will absolutely like to name their lists. The option to set reminders would be wonderful as well.

Benefits Of Grocery Delivery App And Common Features 9


When thinking about making your grocery shopping app, consider those aspects seriously. And we’re here at Kyanon Digital, will help you deal with all your concern and consideration about making your own ecommerce grocery app. Contact us today.

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