Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam
Do you remember the famous Nike self-lacing shoe scene from the movie “Back to the future”? Have you ever wondered how big companies can manage to scale such wonderful inventions effectively? Today, from shoes to clothing to electronics, the big brands across the world rely on 2nd and 3rd world countries to accomplish their business objectives. This holds for software development as well. Several organizations seeking software solutions and IT firms rely on services from India, Vietnam, and eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Romania to name a few. This article will further explore why Vietnam is among the top countries for agile offshore development services and some of the most reliable service providers in the country.
1. Offshore development services for digital transformation
Offshore development services have been on the rise, with the world pushing towards digital transformation. Companies from the west count on the IT-development teams, hired in the developing countries, through these services, to take on their software projects. This way, they could focus on other business aspects and core competencies while meeting customers’ expectations.With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has witnessed how critical it is for businesses to go digital and keep up with the latest software and technological trends. This has shed light on agile offshore development, which has been gaining more prominence. With several other neighboring nations, Vietnam has been a hotspot in Asia for foreign companies, when looking for a reliable offshore development partner.Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam 1

Offshore development services for digital transformation

2. Benefits of going agile, with offshore development teams/partners
Offshore development companies digital transformation, IT consulting, software development, web & mobile app services, and more. This will save their client the burden of locally scouting for a talented team of IT engineers, which could be expensive and time-consuming. Offshore development services are able to source these talent resources for foreign companies and make the process smooth, easy, and reliable.Taking an agile approach in offshore development will make things more feasible and help overcome the challenges caused by remote working teams. Since an agile approach requires both clients and teams to work together, it makes the software development process efficient, whilst minimizing the margin of error.  It is made possible because the processes are done in iteration i.e. in shorter cycles called sprints.  This results in the software being tested quite a few times, avoiding repetitive errors and sudden surprises for the project stakeholders.Also, regular meetings, code reviews, and milestone discussions will help clients to track and voice their concerns to get the desired changes when required, even at the last minute. Therefore, clients opting for agile offshore development get incremental updates on the project progress and are likely assured of an end product that meets their expectations.Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam 2

Agile offshore development

3. Vietnam, a small but mighty powerhouse for IT outsourcing
Over the years, Asia has been the leading market for offshore development. Several countries in this region such as India, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam offer offshore development services. Forbes, the business magazine in one of its latest articles named Vietnam amongst the top 4 destinations for offshore development in the world. Below are a few key reasons why companies around the globe choose Vietnam for Agile software development.
3.1. The tech talent on the rise
The 2018 OECD Program for International Student Assessment Vietnam was ranked 8th for the student abilities in Maths and science. One of the latest reports from Top Dev concluded that in Vietnam at least 50,000 students graduate with IT-related degrees each year, to meet the industry’s recruitment demand, which has quadrupled over the past decade, with IT jobs comprising 50% of the popular job portals. The rising demand has not only forced the industry to be competitive, but also to keep up to date with trending technologies such as AI, Cloud Computing, Data Science, IoT, Machine Learning, and Process Automation.Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam 3

Vietnam tech talent data (Source: TopDev)

3.2. Quality with cost-effectiveness
The Vietnamese outsourcing market offers attractive pricing options for many tech companies and organizations looking to outsource their software projects, considering the quality they get in return. Vietnam offers a best-in-class workforce equipped with cutting-edge technologies and The average rates are fairly cheaper when compared to other bigger players in the region such as China and India.Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam 4

The Vietnamese outsourcing market offers attractive pricing options

3.3. Government’s role in supporting the IT industry
The Vietnamese government has been heavily investing in both STEM education and the IT industry. This comes in the form of tax and labor incentives.  The government intends to double the country’s ICT business volume by 2030, in order to be ranked amongst the top 30 countries in that industry. Several top global IT players the likes of TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), and Axon Active have set up subsidiaries and development centers in Vietnam.Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam 5

The Vietnamese government has been heavily investing in the IT industry

With all these promising metrics one can say, it is safe to say that companies looking to outsource projects in Vietnam are getting high-quality service at a favorable price.
4. List of reliable agile offshore development companies in Vietnam
Vietnam has become very reputable for its offshore development services. It can be difficult as a foreign company to research which companies can offer and deliver the best services available. However, there are some reputable ones.
4.1. Kyanon Digital
Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam 6Clutch Rating: 4.9/5Kyanon Digital is one of the leading agile software development companies in Vietnam that was established in 2012. The company boasts a team of IT technicians who are renowned for their tech consulting, data & product engineering abilities. The company strives to refine its proficiency in the tech industry to create everlasting value for clients. Through their agile approach to software development, they are able to provide clients with a variety of services such as web development, revamping platforms, and system maintenance.
4.2. Axon Active
Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam 7Clutch Rating 5/5Axon Active is another renowned for its agile software development services. Originating from Switzerland in 2008, it also holds a scalable and high-performing office located in Ho Chi Minh City. Their focus on assembling specialized teams that can carry out a client’s exact needs at a pleasing price and customer retention is what makes their services notable.  The company is well equipped with more than 600 developers ready to deliver its services in business intelligence, AI solutions, and web & mobile app development.
4.3. Amaris
Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam 8Clutch Rating 4.8/5Amaris is arguably one of the biggest software development companies in Vietnam. Founded in 2007, it now hosts a pool of talent of over 6,000 technicians globally spread out over 60 different countries. Amaris’ team of tech geniuses is able to offer multifaceted services in the form of project management, tech & strategy consultation, research & development, and sustainable system engineering.
4.4. KMS Technology
Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam 9Clutch Rating 4.7/5KMS Technology is a US-based company that originated in 2009 in Atlanta Georgia. It holds an office in Vietnam and has a team of over 1,000 employees. The company aims to encourage its tech gurus to come up with innovative solutions for clients, as their focus is to exceed their clients’ expectations. Services you can expect KMS to provide are cloud application migration, mobile app development, automation, and integration services.
4.5. Agile Tech
Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam 10Clutch Rating 4.2/5AgileTech Vietnam is a Hanoi-based young technology outsourcing cum offshoring company with core specialization in web & mobile apps development, block-chain, AI & big data services. Over the past decade and a half, their skilled IT Engineers have built a range of quality custom products and applications for leading enterprise clients across more than ten countries. With solutions catered to several industries and driven by the mission to successfully deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions, AgileTech established itself as a trusted IT company in Vietnam
5. Conclusion
Vietnam is a promising destination for companies that are looking for partners for offshore software development. The country offers a business-friendly environment and a skilled talent pool. Hence, there are several good companies to choose from. Hopefully, the above list can help as a guide, whether you’re looking for software development or outsourcing.Working with teams sitting abroad may sound challenging, but the agile offshore model provides tools for business owners to constantly check upon the quality of the vendor in terms of allocating talented developers and building products with high performance. With such transparency, organizations shouldn’t worry about the remote offshore department separated by thousands of miles and hours of time-zone difference.Reliable agile offshore development services in Vietnam 11

Agile offshore development

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