Reliable Partner Who Helps You Build A Tech Team In Vietnam
“If you can not manage them, outsource them.”It is a great idea to have a dedicated tech team to attend to your business needs and develop, build and manage your software applications. But having the team onboard means your business must have a vision for it and you have to make sure the team is guided, managed, and utilized to their full potential. So it is an efficient idea to bring in an experienced partner to help you with the non-core functions, either as an outsourcing partner or as a partner who can just help you with niche talent and build teams. If your business’s strength or your current IT team’s capabilities don’t match the requirements, then it is a good idea to outsource the requirement to a reliable partner that can help you build a tech team. The partner can both build, train and manage the team for you on their payroll or just build and guide it on your payroll.
1. A Guide To Tech Talent in Vietnam
It is a well-known fact and even an article on Forbes said that Vietnam has a booming tech industry. Both the consumption and development of software and electronics have grown exponentially in recent years, especially as exports. With more and more population earning more, thanks to the booming tech industry, the domestic market for tech products and services is gaining its strength. Many IT services companies, as well as manufacturing companies, are relying on digital transformation to increase their efficiency.For this growth to sustain, for a long time into the future, the supply of skilled and employable talent is necessary. It is for the universities and IT services companies to join hands to nurture employable tech personnel.Reliable Partner Who Helps You Build A Tech Team In Vietnam 1
2. Vietnam’s Advantage
Vietnam, thanks to its low cost of labor, political stability, and skilled workforce, is seen as a preferred destination for tech companies in south-east Asia. Vietnamese workers are picking up the necessary skills that might be required for a tech company. This includes software development, coding, product management, testing, and designing.Besides, Vietnam also enjoys a good geographic presence sharing a very close time zone with Singapore, Shanghai (about 1 hour), Japan, South Korea, and Australia (2 hours) and an exact 12 hours difference with the Western USA. Hence, if managed properly the teams in Vietnam can strategically cater to companies for specific services.Major hubs such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi have favorable tax incentives and conditions that are offered to technology companies. Hence, many leading companies from across the world are also looking to set up offshore tech development teams in Vietnam. They can develop quality software at a fraction of the cost, thus attracting both large companies and startups. Many non-IT companies, foreign companies, and even niche IT companies rely on reliable and established Vietnamese companies, such as Kyanon Digital, to help them build a skilled tech team. The team at Kyanon Digital has handled projects on software development (diversity of tech stacks), and emerging technologies such as Low-code, and AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning (ML).Reliable Partner Who Helps You Build A Tech Team In Vietnam 2
3. When is the Right Time to Partner?
The right time to look for a partner to build your tech team is the moment you identify a requirement or trend that your business has identified to venture into. Once the idea is in place, you have to either establish an office here in Vietnam (if you are a foreign company) and then establish a budget and timeline to set up this team.In parallel to this, you can start inviting or lookout for reliable partners who have a firm hold in the Vietnamese job market and universities to look for a range of candidates to join this team. Since the cost of hiring the team is significantly lower in Vietnam than in many other countries, it is recommended to move in early and get the first movers advantage.The kind of team and the size generally depend on the complexity of the project and the budget:
  • Some companies would like to have a small, flexible, multi-talented, and reliable team that is led closely by an experienced CTO or Tech lead, or Architect. The challenge with such a team occurs when there is unforeseen attrition. That said, an experienced partner will always have a replacement in mind to cover the loss.
  • Other companies that have large requirements, but short timelines/deadlines, will require many small teams that work in synergy and short sprints, in an agile mode to finish the project on time.
  • Several companies are looking to establish full-sized tech teams. These teams can often be as large as 30 members or more. Here the motive is to establish a brand name for the company first to hire stable talent that can stay with the company for long stints. These are typically either services companies or maintenance teams.
Startups obviously struggle a lot for various reasons, because of inexperienced founders, lack of bandwidth, or strict deadlines. Most of them have the funds but do not have the experience to nurture a team. These companies can look at teams in Vietnam and rely on seasoned players to help them handhold these teams until they get the necessary momentum.Each such team brings to the table a significant set of strengths and weaknesses, and a partner should understand, plan and cover for each such trait.Reliable Partner Who Helps You Build A Tech Team In Vietnam 3
4. Whom to Partner With ro Build Excellent Tech Team
Typically and most importantly, an experienced partner should know the skills that are required for each role and the skills that can be trained. It is important because not every candidate will have equal or all skills, and this balance differs from market to market.Besides that, a partner must also understand and guide you through the legal implications, the administrative licenses, and more such formalities required to either expand or establish an IT team/firm.In addition, the partner should also have the necessary technical expertise to train the team with that particular technology or software as well.Reliable Partner Who Helps You Build A Tech Team In Vietnam 4If you are an established company looking to set up a technical team with specific expertise or a foreign company or startup looking to establish an offshore development team, Vietnam is the best place for you. Contact Kyanon Digital, a software consulting firm with expertise in all emerging technologies such as data analytics, Robotic Process Automation, Low code platform, Cloud migration, mobile app development, web development, and more.
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