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Custom software development is the best approach for your company and your business. It gives you a unique way to be original and sets your brand apart from the other competitors, allowing you to stand out in the market.

In order to present a business and to operate it in a proper way for providing a great user experience and gain the users’ loyalty. This will be easy to do with the advantages of custom software development solutions. Recognizing this, Kyanon Digital provides custom software that exceeds clients’ expectations.

At Kyanon Digital, they aim to apply their experience to provide limitless value to their customers, focusing on recommending the best and most practical solutions. Their consultant expertise teams could support globally and fill in the gaps in the technical puzzle with the best-fit advice in any industry.

1. Why Kyanon Digital?

One of the fundamental reasons Kyanon Digital has achieved credibility is due to their efficient working process and great expertise. Kyanon Digital has more than ten years of experience working for major clients such as Samsung, Nestlé, Unilever, Pokka, Our Better World, Ogilvy, Leo Burnet, Trinity, Digital World, etc… Kyanon Digital recognizes that collaboration entails not just the delivery of a high-quality commodity, but also the creation of mutual respect and affection.

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Kyanon Digital’s happy clients and partners

Kyanon Digital has brought its own principles and affirmed its position as a pioneer in the field of technology consultancy and providing software services. Evidently, they define their company via earning the valuable prizes namely: Sao Khuê Award, Top 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2020, etc…

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Kyanon Digital Certificate and rewards 

2. Custom software outsourcing services from Kyanon Digital

2.1. What custom software outsourcing services does Kyanon Digital provide?
2.1.1. Custom Mobile Application Development

Their team can build impactful mobile app development solutions that have an intuitive user experience design and an outstanding look. Their dedicated team has extensive experience developing apps for the iOS, Android platforms and cross-platform apps as well.

2.1.2. Custom Web App Development

Kyanon Digital applies their cross-industry expertise and custom web app development services to provide you with a web application that is custom-built, user-friendly, secure, and dependable.

  • Front-end custom development: Their front-end usable parts are custom-fit, scratch-built solutions that are not only simple to manage and extend, but also dependable and durable.
  • Back-end custom programming: This customization enables you to link the internal data structures, maintain data consistency, and add dynamic content and flexibility. All of their web solutions are customized to unique requirements.
2.1.3. User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI Design)

These services follow modern trends and work hand-in-hand with the dedicated team to create the most effective UX/UI solutions for web, iOS, Android, and cross-platform. They conduct in-depth UX research and apply a user-oriented approach to develop digital products that address user problems, adapt your business needs, and meet industry requirements.

2.1.4. Custom Apps Integration

Custom Mobile App/Web App services are compatible with other third-party or current enterprise applications. Their apps are well-integrated with the back-end systems and have a high level of functionality and user experience.

2.1.5. Support and Maintenance

Their dedicated team assesses the services’ health in order to evaluate its success and end-user experience. Kyanon Digital can help you reduce uninstalls and improve your retention rate by ensuring that platforms run seamlessly, increase user experience, and are still catching trends with the new developments and consumer preferences.

2.2. How do their services affect your benefits?
2.2.1. Scalability

These software services can adapt to the growth of a business and be easily changed during trialing or edited down the line with an ongoing maintenance service agreement. This offers flexibility to account for company expansion or altered objectives and ensure longevity to the system. Simply put – it can respond to the changing needs of a growing business.

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2.2.2. Security

Security plays an integral part and brings a great deal of value to custom software development. By virtue of its unique nature and the increased levels of control, there is less likelihood of a security breach. Off-the-shelf software is more likely to attract hackers and other malicious entities can exploit them, making them much more vulnerable.

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2.2.3. Reliability

The ability to track a company’s operations over time leads to long-term growth. If a company is to thrive at all, it has to have dependable apps. Custom software should be thoroughly reviewed in any way necessary to ensure that it fits with a particular business model and is a dependable tool that can aid in business growth.

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In conclusion, we hope that this article was informative and it assisted you in choosing the best custom software outsourcing company for your business.

Stay tuned and keep following our publication. If you are seeking reliable custom software outsourcing services in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact Kyanon Digital for more information.

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