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Software outsourcing is becoming increasingly significant with businesses opting to outsource their development programs for a variety of reasons, involving cost reduction and faster access to a vast pool of IT tech expertise.

Fundamentally, offshore software outsourcing development consists of creating, implementing, and managing different software or digital products by taking into account different considerations in the life cycle and the audience, across many other stages.

Among different offshore outsourcing services choices, Vietnam is proven as a dynamic and productive environment for these services. Thus, this article recommends Kyanon Digital- a reliable offshore outsourcing company in Vietnam.

1. Kyanon Digital

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Kyanon Digital

At Kyanon Digital, they aim to apply their experience to provide limitless value to their customers, focusing on recommending the best and most practical solutions. Their consultant expertise teams could support globally and fill in the gaps in the technical puzzle with the best-fit advice in any industry.

As An outsourcing partner, Kyanon Digital has deep domain experts that can offer many competitive advantages to their clients since they already know about the unique industry requirements that allow them to get everything right at first, while also being able to avoid any potential pitfalls and doing things at a faster rate than others.

2. Offshore software outsourcing services provided by Kyanon Digital

2.1. What  is an offshore software outsourcing

The method of exporting software or IT-enabled processes and services to another country is known as offshore software outsourcing. It is a form of outsourcing in which service providers are located outside of the country.

2.2. What services does Kyanon Digital provide?

Their services involve Software and Platform Development, Software Integration, Mobile Application Development, Data and Analytics, Machine Learning and AI, Low-code/ No-code Application, Maintenance and Support.

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Kyanon Digital’s Offshore software outsourcing services 

With all of these various services, they strongly believe that it will be over your expectations.

2.3. What are the advantages of offshore IT staffing?
2.3.1. Scalability and a fast-track to in-house analytics capacity

Outsourcing providers can help companies build up analytics capabilities that would be impossible to achieve in-house. Kyanon Digital is more than simply a technology vendor that can offer experience and resources in data analytics.

2.3.2. Deep Industry Knowledge

As an outsourcing partner, Kyanon Digital has deep domain expertise that can offer myriad competitive advantages to their clients simply because they already know about the unique industry requirements that allow them to get everything right at first.

2.3.3. Quality Engineering & Support

In the course of developing service software, Kyanon Digital employs a variety of engineering techniques to ensure that it not only performs properly but also avoids risks and mistakes. Even though errors do come up, bugs will be fixed to ensure that software services are operated and completely functioning once more.

2.4. Who can source Offshore IT Staffing Services?

Offshore IT staffing services are available to all organizations – independent, medium, and large – targeting operating productivity to increase sales and profitability. At Kyanon Digital, we specialize in locating the right services as well as providing a convenient and secure working environment for your remote employees.

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Kyanon Digital staffing

2.5. What engagement model does their team provide?
  • Dedicated team: A team treats your product like their own.
  • Fixed price high value: A team welcomes changes to maximize your investment.
  • B.O.T model: They build, operate and transfer your own Scrum team in Vietnam.
2.6. Why should you opt for Kyanon Digital as an offshore software outsourcing company?

Unlike other businesses, Kyanon Digital has three significantly important elements of contact which impact on clients decision There are: long-term relationship, User centricity & Quality driven and Deep domain experts

Reliable Offshore Software Outsourcing Company In Vietnam 4

Kyanon Digital’s happy clients and partners

In conclusion, we hope that this article was informative and it assisted you in choosing the best-suited reliable offshore software outsourcing company for your business.

Stay tuned and keep following our publication. If you are seeking a reliable offshore software outsourcing company, please do not hesitate to contact Kyanon Digital for more information.

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