Report Of Software Engineer Average Salary in Vietnam 2022
In today’s world, digital transformation is considered an inevitable trend to stimulate economic development in most countries. Changes caused by the pandemic have resulted in an acceleration of the digital transformation process for Vietnam and the global. Therefore, Vietnam’s IT market faces an increase in the number of firms andjobs, as well as more precise demand for skills and abilities in software development, which contribute to a more challenging situation of talent acquisition and retention. Understanding this difficult circumstance, Kyanon Digital has conducted a Software Engineer Salary in Vietnam 2022 report based on various market researches and resources to provide a more comprehensive view for this professional.
1. Background of IT market in Vietnam 2022
According to a recent industry report from the Internal Trade Administration, Vietnam’s ICT market is expected to grow at approximately 8% per year from 2022 to 2026 as both the public and private sectors increase adoption of ICT solutions. In the first six months of 2022, the Information and Communication Technology field achieved a revenue of approximately 77 billion USD, up 17% compared to the same period last year.Since 2020, many enterprises in Vietnam have allowed employees to work from home to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Thereby, Remote Work, Hybrid Work and Freelance become more popular. By 2025, Gen Z is expected to make up 30% of the labor in Vietnam, and this work force values work-life balance and personal happiness. This further promotes the expansion and development of new working models.Report Of Software Engineer Average Salary in Vietnam 2022  1
2. Median salary of software development
2.1 Median salary by level and range of experience
According to a report made by TopDev, during the first 5 years, developer salaries ranged from $350 (Fresher) to less than $1,190 for Mid-Senior. For programmers who have 5 years of experience and above, the salary difference is mainly based on the position and responsibility for the business. The director or higher level will have a salary of at least $2,300. The salary of technical managers will be higher than business-oriented managers and directors.
  • Fresher/Junior (Less than 2 years of experience): $350 – $565.
  • Mid-senior (2 years – 4 years of experience): $535 – $1,190.
  • Senior (Above 4 years of experience): $860 – $1,510.
  • Management level (Business-oriented, from 5 years of experience and above): $1,410 – $2,230.
  • Management level (Technique-oriented, from 5 years of experience and above): $1,610 – $2,435.
  • Director and above (Business-oriented, from 10 years of experience and above): from $2,300.
  • Director and above (Technique-oriented, from 10 years of experience and above): $2,750.
Report Of Software Engineer Average Salary in Vietnam 2022 2

Median salary by level and range of experience (Source: TopDev)

2.2 Median salary by field
The top 3 high-income industries today are Blockchain, High Technology and Fintech. Imported into Vietnam since 2015, High tech (Al, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc) is considered as the key to bring competitive advantage until 2025. Fintech appears as a highly necessary industry for banks and all corporate governance systems. Despite being in the top of the high-paying industries, businesses still face challenges when finding personnel for most IT positions. This is because the wave of personal financial investment such as NFT, Blockchain, and securities is getting stronger, and some individuals who are knowledgeable and quick to adapt have established a stable personal financial base. And it has a direct impact on the labor market as a segment of labor leaves the market and pursues these fields as a primary job.From $1,000 to $3,500:
  • NFT/Blackchan.
  • High tech (AI, ML, IoT).
  • Fintech.
  • Security.
  • Software Outsourcing.
From $800 to $2,200:
  • IT service.
  • Banking.
  • Telecommunication.
  • PropTech.
  • E-commerce.
  • Logistics.
  • Business service/SAAS.
  • Digital/Media.
  • Healthcare.
  • Edtech.
  • BPO.
Report Of Software Engineer Average Salary in Vietnam 2022 3
2.3 Median salary by IT position and range of experience
In the software development field, Freshers and Junior Front-end Developers have a median salary that could be regarded as lower in comparison with other positions, from $466 to 635$ while others have Junior median salary range from $762 and above. However, this profession has significant raises in their later working years. A salary report made by ITviec provides a particular view of median salary based on software engineers’ positions and experience as below.
  • Back-end Developer: $508 – $2,075.
  • Front-end Developer: $466 – $2,965.
  • Full-stack Developer: $720 – $1,673.
  • Mobile Developer: $508 – $2,435.
  • Game Developer: $805 – $2,160.
Report Of Software Engineer Average Salary in Vietnam 2022 5
2.4 Median salary by programming language and range of experience
A report by GrowUpWork shows that programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, HTML/CSS, etc. are highly demanded in the market and considerably popular to software engineers, which is a contributing factor in similar median salary range and rather lower than other less common languages, which is $424 to $487 as freshers. For further specific information, the data below by ITviec indicates software development’s median salary by programming language and experience.
  • JavaScript: $466 – $2,753.
  • C#: $678 – $1,631.
  • Java: $487 – $2,118.
  • PHP: N/A – $1694.
  • Python: $762 – N/A.
  • TypeScript: $953 – N/A.
  • SQL: N/A – $1,948.
  • C++: $466 – N/A.
  • Kotlin: $592 – N/A.
  • Swift: N/A – N/A.
  • Go: N/A – $3,174.
  • HTML/CSS: $423 – $1,142.
  • Bash/Shell: N/A – N/A.
  • Ruby: N/A – N/A.
  • Dart: N/A – N/A.
  • PowerShell: N/A – $1,1481.
  • Objective-C: $846 – $2,327.
Report Of Software Engineer Average Salary in Vietnam 2022 6
3. Conclusion
IT and Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing industries in Vietnam. The use of technology has been inevitable since Covid-19 hit the market as most organizations are forced to change their business operations. More and more organizations are embracing digital transformation and investing in upgrading their IT systems, in order to protect their data from cyberthreat and increase the employees’ productivity. Furthermore, various industries deploy technology to improve the business capability. On the other hand, many candidates prefer to work in a company that has technologies which promote remote work.Kyanon Digital hopes that this article has provided useful information, and helped you gain a more legible picture of software engineer average salary in Vietnam. If you are interested in working in the IT field, let’s become a part of our team by sending your resume via [email protected]. And if you have any questions related to this matter, do not hesitate to contact us for specific consultation.
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