In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. As the demand for online shopping continues to surge, the e-grocery sector is experiencing remarkable growth, especially in emerging markets like Vietnam. This Southeast Asian nation, known for its vibrant tech landscape and innovative startups, is home to some of the most promising e-grocery app development companies. These companies are not only transforming the way Vietnamese consumers shop for groceries but are also setting new standards in the industry with their cutting-edge technology and customer-centric solutions.

In this blog, Kyanon Digital would like to walk you through a comprehensive list of the top 10 e-grocery app development companies in Vietnam. These firms have distinguished themselves through their expertise, creativity, and commitment to delivering seamless and efficient e-grocery experiences.


1. Kyanon Digital

Top 10 E-Grocery App Development Companies in Vietnam 2

Kyanon Digital is a one-stop digital services house, marrying business brilliance with technology excellence. Kyanon Digital is here to make Digital Impacts in every aspect of your business and your consumers.

Founded in 2012, KYANON DIGITAL has over 10 years of experience in the industry. Our 300+ tech experts and professionals have served over 100+ clients, helping them achieve their digital goals. At Kyanon Digital, we offer end-to-end solutions that encompass every facet of the digital landscape. With the slogan: Digital Impact that Matters, this has guided our team of over 300 employees for over 12 years, creating many positive changes for large clients in various industries such as Starbucks, AEON, C.P Group Thailand, Nutri Asia, Asia Commercial Bank, and many other large companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Kyanon Digital offers a comprehensive suite of six core services, each designed to deliver measurable results and lasting impact:

  • Digital Application Delivery: Develop innovative and user-centric applications that drive engagement and growth.
    • User-Centric Design & Development: Create intuitive and engaging user experiences across web, mobile, and custom applications.
    • Composable Architecture & Integration: Leverage a flexible and scalable architecture for faster development and easier integration.
    • Utilize a flexible and scalable system that allows for quicker development and seamless integration with other technologies.
    • Agile & Continuous Delivery: Employ agile methodologies for faster iterations and continuous delivery of high-quality applications.
    • Future-Proof Technologies: Integrate emerging technologies (AI, AR/VR, IoT) to build innovative and future-proof applications.
    • Low-Code/No-Code Development: Streamline development for specific functionalities or rapid prototyping using low-code/no-code platforms.
  • Digital Transformation Initiation: Build a secure and scalable technology foundation that future-proofs your business.
  • Data Insights & Analytics: Transform your data into actionable intelligence for informed decision-making.
  • CX Optimization & MarTech: Deliver personalized customer experiences that foster loyalty and advocacy.
  • Cloud & Managed Service: Unleash the power and efficiency of the cloud to optimize your operations.
  • Digital Capability Extension: Build your dream digital team with expert talent acquisition, training, and project management support.
2. Adamo Software


As a premier software development company based in Vietnam, Adamo Software surpasses edge-cutting digital solutions for global organizations with the aim of adopting new technologies and transforming business operations.

Adamo offers full-cycle and customized software development services with high-quality and lucrative solutions. Listed as the top 10 Vietnam’s software development companies, Adamo excels at mobile app development, web-based solutions, website development, and portal development.

Their skillful and experienced developers provide you with innovative, efficient, valuable-tailored, and sustainable digital solutions. Whether it is a user-centric app or transformative corporation-level software solutions, Adamo will transform your business ideas into superb software products with continuous support.

3. SotaTek


SotaTek is a part of Sota Holdings, a global Software Development as a Service (SDaaS), IT Outsourcing & Consulting group headquartered in Vietnam, that delivers sustainable Software Development, including Web/App/Game Development, Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, ERP with cost-effective solutions.

During 9+ years of development, their 1300+ talent team has top-notch IT consultants and developers who share deep expertise to guarantee the best project outcomes for clients in various industries, such as Banking & Finance, Insurance, Automotive, Media & Entertainment, Retail & Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Education, etc.

They have successfully provided full-cycle IT services to their clients network from 25+ nations worldwide, with 500+ projects, and are expanding rapidly. SotaTek stands for “State of the art Technology”, showing their passion and determination to provide the most hi-tech IT development services and satisfy any clients’ business needs.

Their head office is in Hanoi, Vietnam, and international offices are based in the US, Australia, Singapore, Japan & Korea.

4. Groove Technology


Groove Technology is the first and last stop for companies worldwide that need support to develop digital products and custom software solutions. Their integrated resource model paves the way for your technology projects to be completed sooner, with less effort.

They help businesses expand their software development capabilities. How?

  • Ready-made and well-oiled offshore teams at your disposal
  • Proactive and innovative software development approaches
  • A partner that prioritises trust and delivering quality solutions
5. Saigon Technology


Saigon Technology is the leading Vietnam software outsourcing company focused on delivering effective Agile software outsourcing solutions to our clients. Their customers are located in USA, European, Australia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Hongkong to name a few.

They are focused on custom software development, web development and mobile app development. Engagement model: full time dedicated team or project based.



Beetsoft is an IT Consultancy outsourcing, BPO and 3D Design company based in Vietnam and Japan. They cater to SME and MNC’s all around the globe by providing high-end services at a very reasonable price. With 5 plus years of IT Consultancy and outsourcing BeetSoft is playing a stellar role in honing the skills of professionals, assisting companies to achieve success in their operating field of specialisation. They as an organisation have grown rapidly in the past two years, now with operating offices in Hanoi, Danang in Vietnam and Tokyo Japan with close to 200 employees.

7. Magenest JSC


Magenest is a one-stop digital solution provider with a special focus on eCommerce systems, ERP/CRM platforms, Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Marketing, and more.

As a leading technology solution company in APAC, they have helped brands activate and scale their digital presence, transform business operations, and empower the workforce through our solutions with Adobe Magento Commerce, Odoo, HubSpot, and Amazon Web Services.

The quality of their work is backed by industry leaders: SM Markets, Abbott, Heineken, Trung Nguyen Legend, Bibomart, ACFC, Hoang Phuc International, etc.

8. Savvycom


Savvycom is a leading Technology Consulting and Software Outsourcing Company. Savvycom provides IT professional and consulting services to customers in various industries such as Healthcare, Education, Fintech, E-commerce and Logistic & Supply Chain. Whether it’s the mobile application, web application development, enterprise management solutions or Cloud & DevOps services, they can create powerful products to help you optimize investment costs and enhance business.

9. InApps Technology


InApps Technology Company established in 2016, they have continually evolved over the past years to reach to the forefront of being a leading software development outsourcing company in Vietnam. They have experience in Full Lifecycle Software Ecosystem and Full-stack Development using the latest technologies. Mobile App Development, developing native iOS, Android, mobile hybrid apps. web App Development, Offshore Development Centre (ODC). They work across the entire lifecycle of taking an idea to market with ideation, validation, product strategy, engineering, ongoing maintenance, and growth. They partner with Start-ups and SMEs globally to help them solve their toughest challenges, mitigate the risks and bring great ideas to life.

10. KMS Solutions


Working closely with the best software companies across the globe, KMS brings the world’s advanced and innovative technologies to the Asia-Pacific (APAC). They focus on helping organizations to achieve their business goals through their fit-for-purpose solutions, scalable processes, and proven best practices. Their success is ultimately measured by the positive impact on their client’s business.

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